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As an aesthetic business professional and entrepreneur, self-care for yourself directly benefits your business. The more time you take caring for yourself, the better set up you will be to handle whatever comes at you and your business. Self-care can reduce your overall stress, boost your creativity and increase productivity.


While taking care of yourself should always come first, it is also imperative to take care of your business! You know you need strategies in caring for your business, but you may not be sure which will work or where to start. Here at NewMed Concepts, we provide you strategies to stand out, attract your ideal clients, and make more money so you have the freedom to enjoy doing what you love. Not having the practical skills you need to grow your aesthetic practice can cost you valuable time and money, so we are here to help guide you with healthy business care tips. 



  • Are you set up with products you personally love?

Clients appreciate the honesty and respect your expert opinion on top choices for their skin. Keep it simple when introducing products. Focus on three to four products that give proven results. Choose must-have game changers like a balancing cleanser, corrective serum and moisturizer with spf and an eye treatment. 

  • Is your product area well-stocked?

It is proven that when you have inventory on hand clients are more apt to purchase. Keeping a well stocked and attractive shelf gives clients a sense of security that you are serious about your commitment to their care. 

  • Vendors and Incentives

Pro tip: work with your vendors and pass on savings and incentives to clients. A free sample with purchase can go a long way in introducing clients to new products. 



Branding is important in every industry, and in the aesthetics world, it is just as imperative. Branding helps to position you as an expert in your field, and will help you stand out amongst the competition. Take a look at your current branding and ask yourself:

  • What is the purpose and what are the values of my spa business? 

For example, if I really want to focus on helping people with a specific skin concern, is that clear in my messaging? Do I make it known that people who are struggling with this problem know that I am the place to go for solutions? 

  • Who is my ideal client?

Is my ideal client looking for a trendy and buzzworthy location or are they looking for a more refined spa experience? Does my branding fit the demographic I’m going after? If not, what do I need to change about the way I’m presenting my business so it’s clear?

  • Is my website current, clean, and easy to navigate?

Dated and hard to navigate websites can be detrimental for spas. Often it is the first place potential clients will go to learn about you. If they can’t easily find what they’re looking for, they’ll move on to the next.



Social Media and Communication

Using social media to market your services and products is imperative and lucrative in this day and age. But you can still maintain control! 

  • Schedule your social media posts.

Set a time each month to schedule your social media posts. Aestheticians spend so much time daily wondering what content to post, and scheduling will help you to create a backlog and consistency in your posting days and times. Creating a social media schedule will save you valuable time, and help you to make intentional choices about what you are posting. We have enjoyed using the scheduling tool Later.

  • Unplug. 

Yes, we said it. Unplugging will feel a bit scary at first, but we are humans and not robots. We are not meant for all work and no play. Schedule specific times you will use these social platforms to benefit your business, and to catch up with friends and family. Find the most productive ways to spend time on social media, and unplug at least once a week. Our clients who have put this valuable tip into practice have found they are more productive and have more value to add to their social platforms when they make room for a break. 


When personal and professional self-care merge:

Find ways to replenish your well-being throughout your workday, and you will find yourself to be a more productive and motivated aesthetician. Self-care in the workplace is a beautiful reminder to yourself that you are a person before you are an esty.

  • Take time off

Invite yourself to take time away from the typical daily grind of the aesthetics world. We get it, permission to take time off can feel scary. Try blending the desire for community and networking, a well-needed rest, and education by taking a class, joining a meeting, or joining us on a retreat. Rest, relax, renew, and grow your knowledge and confidence in your business at the same time. 

  • Discover your value and the art of saying no.

Understand your value in this industry, and rid yourself of toxic clients. Cancellation policies or deposits for new bookings are incredibly beneficial for setting the tone for new clients who wish to be part of your day. It shows you are serious about your business, and that you are busy and your time is valuable. If you have a gut feeling that a client will not be a great fit for you, honor that, and lovingly excuse yourself from these kinds of clients. 

  • Practice self-care throughout your work day.

Some people experience this unspoken feeling that they cannot care for themselves while they are working. As mentioned before, we are not robots. Ensure you are making choices that benefit you throughout your workday. Build in 10-15 minute breaks between clients so you have a chance to breathe, stretch, nourish your body and grab a drink of water. You choose music to help your clients relax, but be sure you enjoy it too since you are the one listening to it all day.


Caring for yourself and your business should be your priorities, but running an aesthetic business doesn’t need to be overwhelming. From the seasoned aesthetician to the brand new solopreneur, our Coaching programs paired with our expertise in the industry are here to meet you where you are and support the growth of your business.


What better place to start than jumping in to take a MasterClass. Our new MasterClass, How to Lovingly Close the Sale, is specifically designed for aesthetic practitioners who are uncomfortable with selling. In fact, it was designed so you don’t have to think about selling at all! We have broken it down into 10 quick and easy chapters, so it is perfect for your busy schedule. After this MasterClass, you’ll be better at sales than most professional salespeople. 


We can’t wait to see you grow as you care for yourself and your business this year!