Exuding Confidence: The Networking Secret You Didn’t Learn in Beauty School

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Congrats! You’ve discovered your passion, taken classes and earned certifications, and are ready to start your own aesthetics or wellness practice. But when you think back over everything you learned in beauty school, there is something crucial missing — to have a well-rounded spa business education, you need to know how to successfully network.

When you’re just starting out, networking can seem impossible! You don’t know a lot of colleagues and are still trying to pin down your unique beauty brand. You might feel like you don’t have a lot to offer people in the beauty industry yet. Or the very idea of networking might feel manipulative.

But it’s actually just the opposite. When you lean into networking as a chance to genuinely connect with others in your field and grow your skills and knowledge, both your business and you reap the benefits.

The Secret Ingredient Missing from Your Spa Business Education

Most beauty schools are excellent at teaching the skills of the trade, but lacking when it comes to actually teaching you the fundamentals of business. And unfortunately, the secrets to successfully starting and running your own spa or salon aren’t hiding in the pages of Cosmopolitan, either!

So how does a new beauty entrepreneur get started on the path to success? With the help of others. New Med Concepts specializes in spa business education, providing coaching programs and marketing services for self-care businesses. One area we focus on in our Getting Started Course Bundle is the importance of genuine networking as a way to grow your business.

What Are Some Key Factors in Genuine Networking?


Networking can make some people feel nervous, like they are trying to “get something” out of another. But good networking is mutually beneficial, where both parties have something to gain from the relationship. This is why authenticity is so important.

When you exude confidence and are passionate about your beauty interests and goals, you will attract like-minded colleagues. In the same way people can tell when you’re “faking it,” they can tell when you are genuine. And being genuine can take you far!

A Desire to Learn

Another important secret to networking is to reframe your perspective about it. Instead of thinking about networking as a way to “get ahead,” think of it as a way to “learn more.” Your unique networking pathway will start to reveal itself when you ask yourself “What do I want to learn? And who can I learn from?”

It’s important to have an open mind as well, because the people you meet when you are seeking more opportunities for knowledge might surprise you. Get to know people with similar interests before you think about what they have to offer you. Over time, you may discover ways they can help you or favors you can ask for once you’ve established your shared interests.

Meaningful Connections

Meaningful connections are the goal of genuine networking. At its core, networking is long-term relationship building, not one time transactional exchanges. A good networking colleague is ultimately a good friend: they understand and respect you and your business and know and support your goals.

They offer you a helping hand or facilitate a meaningful introduction occasionally — and you do the same for them. They might even push you out of your comfort zone or help you see a new perspective.

But How Do I Get Started?

So you’ve identified what you want to learn in your spa business education and some people you can learn from. And you are ready to build long-lasting meaningful relationships with your new perspective on networking. But how exactly do you get started?

  • Social Media: Having a strong social media presence for your business is a great way for people to find you. But you want to make sure you’re using social media to your advantage to find others as well.

    Social media is a great way to find individuals in your area with similar interests to yours. Use features like “groups,” hashtags, and location services to search for businesses and colleagues you can connect with. You can also hunt for local meet-ups of professionals. Or even plan your own meet-up as a way to meet and connect with new career friends!

  • Events: Industry events are often what comes to mind when most people think of networking. And they are a great way to make connections! A quick internet search in your field can help you find associations hosting events near you that you can sign up for.

    Trade shows aren’t the only good networking events, either — local workshops are a great way to learn new skills while forming new friendships. Don’t forget about business grand openings as well!

  • Enlist Professional Help: If networking still feels like a challenge, enlisting professional coaching support can be a win-win. New Med Concepts specializes in helping you fill in the gaps in your spa business education. We can get you the certifications, confidence, and career success you deserve.

    Our Getting Started Course Bundle includes multiple courses in business, marketing, and networking. That way, you can start your business off right and attract your ideal clientele. Contact New Med Concepts and begin your journey to your dream self-care business today.