Preparing Your Spa or Aesthetics Business for the Busy Season

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We know the struggle of holiday preparation. It seems like Christmas comes earlier and earlier every year! Are you preparing your spa or aesthetic business for the busy season?

While it is a bit silly to decorate your tree in the summer, getting your spa business ready for the busy season a few months in advance is certainly a fantastic idea. After all, choosing promotions, distributing advertisements, and arranging your team’s schedule requires a lot of time and intentionality.

Use the coming months to tick off every box you can before you’re in the thick of the season. What kinds of things can you do to prepare your aesthetic business for the holidays?


Automate Emails with Deals and Promotions

Somewhere in the back of your mind, you are probably thinking about some kind of holiday promotion. Maybe you have deals you want to send out to your email list. Or monthly newsletters that will have different promotions for different holidays. Perhaps you’re planning on doing both.

But it is too early to deal with it now, right? No way!

By all means, you should flesh out your plans, actually write and schedule those newsletters and emails now. That doesn’t mean sending them now, of course. But once you have them done and ready, you can schedule them to go out months in advance on the exact day and time of your choosing.


Put Everyone’s Wish List on Your Shelves! 

Help your customers get their holiday shopping done when they come in for treatment.

Stock your retail shelves with stocking stuffers, wish-list items, and skincare products that your clients, their friends, and their families will love! 

Trend Alert
: Eye Masques

Eyes are the window to the soul. Who does not want gorgeous eyes? Dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles are some of the main concerns clients seek help for. 

Lucky for your clients, you have the answer! This is one of the easiest upgrades you can add to a service. A specialty eye masque can be added to virtually any spa treatment.

Pair your service with a special promotion of a take home eye masque to continue the professional results at home. Make sure to combine an additional incentive of buying 3 or more get % off eye masques so the client can use them as gifts over the holidays. 

Don’t forget a great teacher gift, service provider gift, hostess gift or BFF gift just because. Stock your shelves and your clients will appreciate the fact that you are helping them cross people off their wishlist.


Reserve Space for Your Holiday Parties

Nothing is better than a holiday event to celebrate your staff, your clients, or just the new success of your business!

But you, the spa next door, and every other business on the block has the same idea. Reserve an event space now to get the hottest restaurant or club for your holiday event.

While you plan this shindig, think about your goals. How else can you show your clients that you appreciate your business? What else does your staff need this holiday season?

You can use a holiday event to raise money for a charity or communicate goals for the new year. If you have an agenda set weeks in advance, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the party when the day arrives.

Get into the Holiday Spirit

Bring the party into your spa or salon with festive goodies.

Buy up some hats and headbands to set up a holiday selfie station in your lobby. Grab holiday candies and local goodies to give clients on their way out the door. Even the smallest pieces of holiday cheer can help to pep up your clients and enhance their experience at your spa, thus keeping them wanting to come back over and over.

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