Cross-selling to Elevate Client Experience and Increase Your Sales

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As we talked about in October, upselling is a way for us to create a more luxurious spa experience for our clients. Compare this to cross-selling, which involves offering your clients complimentary products and services outside of your typical offerings to enhance their treatment and self care plan (think upselling). Which in turn, will lead them to purchase these product and service enhancements. 

Cross-selling is not a new concept, though sometimes we forget about implementing it or we don’t know the importance of it. We know cross-selling can mean the difference of average results and experience to amazing results and incredible experiences for your clients. It also can mean the difference of lackluster sales versus hefty profits for you! What services and products could you recommend that would take your clients’ care from their initial purchase to another level?

We all know that it is much easier catering to our existing clients. It costs much less than acquiring new customers and takes no additional time mining for those new prospects.

3 simple ways to cross sell that will increase your service and retail dollars with your existing clients:

  1. Create a display in house (front desk/treatment room) of service offerings and complimentary self care products to enhance treatment. An example in the treatment room: the elevated spa experience– include natural deodorant, aromatherapy, candles, and a body product. This is just one example, be creative! Build your offerings based on products you are passionate about, brands you support, and items that fit the needs of your clients. Use your imagination but remember, simple is always best; make it simple for your client and spell out the steps. Keep to three items to cross sell maximum in your display.
  2. Advertise online. Bundle your cross-sell items in a simple package online. Offer a discount for the bundle, and send out a special promotional email blast and on social media.
  3. Educate your client on why adding these items would benefit them. Explain how it will solve a problem and make their life more enjoyable. You have the distinct advantage of knowing your customer and can customize your bundle based on their preferences.

Equally important, which items would complement, enhance, or supplement the client’s experience during treatment and at home? For example, if your client purchased a series of facial peels it would be natural to recommend body services for the neck, arms, hands, feet, back or other body parts that may benefit from some of your other offerings. In other words, adding a recommendation for hand, body exfoliants as well as creams for home use would elevate their service. Allow your client to bring their self-care home, adding better overall results as well.

You may have other complimentary items like candles to set a relaxing spa mood at home. What’s more, aromatherapy essential oils are another easy cross sell item that can make the client’s spa experience last and remember you even when they are at home or traveling. Natural deodorants, clothing, spa devices, comfort and inspirational products and accessories all are excellent cross selling items.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Creating the bridge to cross sell. You have a product and/or service that would be of interest to your client. How do you make the connection seamless?

You now know how to elevate your client experience through cross selling!

Your client has a problem, and they want it solved. It is your job as a professional to cover all options that lead to better experience. To summarize, the benefits of cross selling are enormous, not only for your client but for your bottom line. It means more dollars per transaction and it increases revenue without spending more on marketing for new clients. Cross selling builds loyal long-term clients. Best of all, you gave your client the ultimate service and home care options and they appreciate you cared enough to think about all their needs!

We would love to meet with you to discuss more ideas to help you increase your sales without having to do the heavy lifting of increasing clientele. Book a call now to get the most value from our time together!