Struggling to Boost Retail Sales?
An Online Shopping Cart Could Be the Answer

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In this day and age, convenience is key. While your spa clients want premium in-person treatments, they also crave the ease of online shopping when it comes to getting quality skincare products. So how can you be sure they are buying from you and not the big name online websites? Create an online shopping cart for your spa retail sales. 

Sure, it can require some extra time and effort on your end. But when your clients can easily access your spa’s product line and your retail sales see a boost, it’s win-win.

Select an E-Commerce Platform

You’ve taken the time to develop beautiful in-house product displays, and your clients often leave their appointments with your products to extend their spa experience at home. But what happens in-between visits when their bottle runs dry and they don’t want to take an extra trip to the salon or spa? That’s when convenience wins out, and they turn to online shopping.

If you’ve made your online store a priority, they can keep boosting your spa retail sales with a simple click. Not sure how to get started with an online shopping cart for your medspa or beauty business? Start by selecting an e-commerce platform.

Some excellent options include Shopify or Woocommerce. These sites help you build your online shop, and can even offer site design and consulting services for an extra fee.

Online Shopping Cart Considerations

Once you’ve selected your e-commerce site, it’s time to decide exactly what you want to sell. Here are some important things to consider:

  • Focus on quality selection. You probably already have product lines you carry in your spa or salon that you want to sell online. But be sure to make sure they are items that already have selling power and align with your brand. 
  • Consider the number of units you want to start with. You don’t want products gathering dust or expiring before they ship. It’s ok to start small and sell out, rather than not getting a return on your investment. 
  • Be unique. Do you have any in-house items that can’t be found anywhere else? These items are going to have more selling power and draw clients to your online shop. Anything that can give your online shop an edge, helps you stand out with consumers.


Streamline Your Shipping

Now that you’ve started your online shop, you’re realizing that you also have to deal with actually shipping out all your products that sell. And that can feel like an extra burden on your time when you’re juggling a busy beauty business.

Fortunately, there’s strategies to help you streamline your shipping process. UPS, FedEx and the USPS all offer shipping supply bundles that you can sign up for to cut time and efforts on your part. And the USPS allows you to schedule free pickups at your location. Plus, once your spa retail sales start booming, it can offset the cost of the time it takes to prep and ship orders.

Still feeling the time crunch? Consider the services of an eager intern or assistant who can handle shipping for you and gain useful experience at the same time. 


Outsource Your Spa Retail Sales 

If you know you won’t have time to manage your online store and have some wiggle room in your budget, an e-commerce fulfillment center might be the best option for you.


Fulfillment centers coordinate with your e-commerce platform, hold your inventory for you, and handle the shipping of all your orders. 


An online shopping cart for your beauty business might require some effort and funds on your part upfront. But when you consider the increase to your spa retail sales over time, the pay off is definitely worth it!


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