Four Skincare Trends to Expect in 2020 

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2020 isn’t just the start of a new year. It’s the start of an entirely new decade! The “roaring 20s” are back – but this time, we don’t have to worry about Prohibition.

Before you break out the flapper dresses, though, take a look at some of the biggest trends to hit skincare and beauty in 2020. Knowing these trends now can help you anticipate what is the next best move for your beauty business.

Wellness Retreats

Millennials are known for spending their money on experiences rather than products. This doesn’t stop at the world of beauty and skincare. Wellness retreats are set to be all the rage in the new decade. These retreats may include yoga, meditation, mindfulness classes, and trips to the spa.

How can your business partner up with retreats or bring the idea of a wellness retreat to your spa?

Minimal, Purposeful Ingredients

Consumers are more conscious than ever about what is in their skincare products. CBD oil products fly off the shelves when customers know that the oil is pure and not clogged with extra additives or preservatives. It’s not just minimal ingredients – customers want to know the value and benefits of each of the ingredients they are putting on their skin.

“Clean beauty” is going to be huge in 2020. What clean products will you have on your shelves? And how can you train your staff to educate customers on the safe ingredients in all of your products?

Facial Brushing

Dry brushing is making its way up the body to the face in 2020. This trend has been a regular part of skincare routines in other parts of the world for its ability to improve circulation and exfoliate the skin.

How can you bring facial brushing into your treatments this year?

Protection and Prevention

There are a lot of things threatening skincare health, from natural aging to the sun. This year is all about planning for the future and preventing the skin from producing fine lines and wrinkles too fast.

SPF products are a great place to start, but skincare companies are expanding their idea of protection. More and more products are arriving on the market that claim to protect skin from air pollution. As pollution levels rise and more customers are becoming wary about aging, how can you help them slow down the clock?


Bottom line? There are a lot of questions to ask yourself as your beauty business enters this new decade. Get the answers with an online coach that looks specifically at where you are headed. Reach out for more information on training, coaching, and other ways to boost your beauty biz in 2020.