Four Ways to Refresh Your Summer Retail Display

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If your spa boasts stellar estheticians and a loyal client base, you already have plenty of reasons to feel proud. Still, one of the most important aspects of your spa or salon business success is sitting on your retail shelves.

On average, retail accounts for a significant portion of a spa or salon’s revenue, and you can bet that is even more true following the industry shifts of 2020. So it only makes sense for you to want to snag customer attention using key techniques in visual merchandising.

Visual Merchandising Essentials

If you currently set products on the reception desk and hope for the best, take this moment to get inspired. You can do so much more! (And it doesn’t necessarily have to take a whole lot of time and effort.)

Below are some easy-to-Incorporate techniques, and how they can specifically be implemented to refresh your upcoming spa or salon summer retail display.

Step Into Your Clients’ Shoes

Ask yourself, “What do I want my customers to do when they enter the spa?” Literally step through your front door and move through the reception and retail areas. Right now is a good time to think in terms of the upcoming seasonal needs of your clients.

Where do your eyes go? What did you appreciate? What did you wish happened at different points along the journey from waiting room to treatment? Do you need something specific for the summer season, for instance?

This could even be something you ask a trusted friend to do, and interview them afterward. Take notes. Address any major issues. Then have fun playing up positives or working out new solutions.

Evaluate Your Retail Space

Be realistic here. You don’t want to cram a ton of product into a tiny display case if you’re limited on retail space. On the other hand, if you have the real estate, too-sparse placement can leave your shelves looking sad and hollow.

A few key summer products that make sense for the summer season would be perfect right now. Include an SPF product or two, and maybe a bundled vacay essentials package as a grab-and-go.

No Need to Reinvent the Wheel

Whatever you do, do have fun with this process. Many tried and true visual merchandising set-ups work for different spaces, and across the seasons. The two primary standards in set-up? The “racetrack” and the “freeform.”

The racetrack loops the customer on a purposeful path through retail selections, and works best in large spaces. Freeform encourages more exploration in different directions. This can work well for a tighter retail territory, capitalizing on any space available.

Always Engage the Senses

Try to engage customers’ senses to create spa ambience. Arrange products in pleasing patterns. Incorporate plants and textiles for mixed texture. Play music that fits the mood. Utilize lighter essential oils. You can even access taste with a pleasant tea station.

In any case, apply a sense of summer in your planning of these various elements over the next few weeks, and prepare to give your clients a full sensory experience when they walk in.

It is a virtual guarantee they will want to take some of that ambiance home (in the form of retail products).

These are just a few of the things you can do in your retail space to refresh your display for the summer season. Practice, have fun with it, and develop a system for updating your retail display for every season.

If you have a particular aesthetic you’d like your retail space to embody, but aren’t quite sure how to get there, feel free to reach out to NewMed Concepts. We can help you realize your vision!