Top Spa Treatments for Planning Spring Promotions

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In light of a recent turn of events with the NC State Board, I have taken down all information related to Elementals Skin Moderne Nanofusion, products, classes, and certification. Even though it may seem very clear to us the safety and efficacy of these types of nanofusion devices, it is my humble opinion to advise you not to go against NC State Board ruling until they change or amend their stance on this. I care for you deeply, and I would hate for any of you to be fined and/or cited for this.

If this has impacted your Spring marketing plans, I hope these tips will help you brainstorm a new strategy. These are a handful of our favorite thought-starters to round out your Spring treatment promotions, including on-trend options that can be implemented within a few days.

Adapt Your Current Spa Menu for Spring

To start, look at Spring sales for last year. Then focus on what treatments and products are proven sellers for your business.

We imagine there are a handful of repeat winners: hydrating treatments, mani-pedis, and laser hair removal. Because, well, ‘tis the season!

Refresh Hydration Treatments with Your Newest Products

Spring is bookended by two of the harshest elements on our skin: winter air and summer sun. Because of this, you should incorporate quality products into your hydrating facial treatment offerings. And be sure to provide the right education to clients on how to extend results through an at-home regimen of the newest hydration products on your shelves.

  • Pro Tip! Ensure you and/or your staff are adequately trained on hydrafacials to make selling easier.

Prepare Your Clients for a Wardrobe Change

Warmer temps also mean shorter sleeves, this season’s capris, and flowy skirts and dresses. It also means an uptick in your laser hair removal business. Another plus — this treatment often involves more than one appointment, helping to fill your books throughout the season!

Mani-pedi promotions are also super easy to “seasonally” spruce up with Spring botanicals blended into treatments, and they are always a favorite service among clients. This is especially true as we move closer to open-toed shoe season.

  • Pro Tip! Give clients everything they need to prepare for Spring in a full spa-day package. Make it an offer they can’t refuse by throwing in brunch, lunch, or apps and a glass of bubbly!

Promote New On-Trend Product and Service Offerings

Understanding what kinds of treatments are trending can inform your Spring promo planning as well. Research consumer publications and sites focused on spa travel and treatments — it’s a great way to stay on top of what’s hot!

Far East Culture Permeates the Industry

Create tailored experiences similar to the ones your clients are reading about. Far East culture is permeating the spa industry in a myriad of ways right now. For instance, forest bathing and mindful facials are some of the hottest trends.

So, how can you bring a natural forest vibe to your treatment facility? Is there a way your client might be able to achieve a more meditative state during treatment? Maybe it’s lighting, maybe music. Find a way to enhance your client’s experience.

Digital Detox Continues to Gain Popularity

One exciting (and easy) way to capitalize on this trend? Offer up a Spring Digital Detox package that involves clients leaving their tech at the door. Or, go all in and make it a policy. Incorporate treatments like detox body masques, and send them home with a carry-out containing their normal skincare products to complete the promotion.

  • Pro Tip! Carve out extra appointment time for clients who are interested in a bonafide nap (for a fee of course). You just might be forging clients for life with this one!

Are you a spa professional or esthetician who needs a little help fine-tuning your Spring promotional efforts? Send us a message and we’ll schedule a time to chat.