Coronavirus Masks May Require Changes to Clients’ Skincare Routines

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the way we walk through the world is different now. Namely, we’re all wearing masks. Unfortunately, your clients’ newest accessory is likely disrupting the normal conditions of their skin.

From frontline healthcare workers to stay-at-home moms, the skincare advice you should be sharing with them is the same: proper mask-wearing, gentle skin care, and overnight repair. The level of tissue damage, on the other hand, will require different recommendations.

Let’s dive in a bit more deeply.

Advice All of Your Clients Could Use Right Now

We’ve talked a lot about staying in contact with clients while you’re closed or running at low capacity. They’re depending on your guidance more than ever because they have to do most skincare maintenance on their own.

If you haven’t already been addressing mask issues, now is the time. There are three pieces of advice every client needs right now.

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#1: Proper Mask Wear and Care

You need to be talking first about how a face covering may impact the skin under it, and the steps clients can take in selecting safe and effective fabrics, cleaning and sanitizing their masks, and tips and tricks for how to ensure proper wear.

#2: Dialing Down Daytime Routines

You know that less is more when it comes to letting the skin breathe and heal. So wearing an extra layer while working and being active in the community means even less product on the skin. A gentle cleanser, skipping the toner, and an ultra-light layer of moisturizer is enough. (That means little-to-no makeup too!)

#3: Maximize Overnight Tissue Repair

Instead, clients should be dialing up overnight skin repair. They can save the thicker serums and repair cremes for overnight wear. You can also reiterate the importance of getting enough rest, especially during stressful times, to help avoid breakouts.

There’s a lot of ground to cover with just the basics, but there’s also a ton of opportunity for client customization. Every single client has different skin, and their reasons for wearing masks all differ, too.

Customized Treatment Recommendations

There are primarily three levels of tissue damage your clients may be experiencing depending upon how long they are wearing masks each day, the types of activities they are doing in them, and the normal condition of their skin.

Contact dermatitis (the least severe condition) is an issue nearly all clients face simply by wearing a mask. Look at your history together. Decide what techniques can help soothe a case of mask rash based on individual needs.

Acne breakouts will be common, especially among those who normally suffer from periodic episodes. Clients who need help managing a mask breakout will require an in-depth review of their new mask-wearing routine and tailored advice for correcting any root causes of breakouts.

In addition to irritation and breakouts, frontline workers are experiencing deeper-level damage including skin tissue breakdown, discoloration, and bruising. Customized treatment should focus on thick protection along tight mask lines and deep soothing and healing overnight. Many professionals recommend products including high levels of zinc.

Additional Products and Services That Can Help

You know your clients’ skin — often better than they know it themselves! Your job right now is to let clients know this won’t last forever, and that there are steps they can take to protect and repair their skin.

For example, you could advise them to keep a stash of IMAGE Clear Cell cleansing pads in their car for a quick refresh after running errands or taking a solo hike. You can even deliver rich and cool overnight repair cremes right to their door.

Or for something new, explore the LiveWave product line for options in wound healing, skin repair, and protection.

Bonus Tip! Involve the community. Find a way to help your clients feel they are giving back locally. Who made your face mask? Could they modify or create a customized mask based on professionals’ opinions? Then you could recommend them to your clients. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Lastly, remember you are a part of the NewMed Concepts community. We’re here to help. For more one-on-one advice on how to keep in touch with clients or a strategy session to continue providing the best products and services to them during this unprecedented time, call us!

Want more resources, tips, and education for spas and estheticians? Click here to sign up for our email newsletter.