Back to School Promo Ideas for Spas and Estheticians

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You may not be thinking about the start of school since it seems like summer just kicked off — but you should be! Back-to-school promotions are an excellent way to increase business.

Why? Because Back to School is the second-highest spending period of the year — right behind Christmas. And you wouldn’t let Christmas promos pass your spa business by!

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to Back to School marketing and promotion, we’re happy to help. Check out these great ideas on how to harness the sales potential Back to School promotions bring with them.

Start Before Summer’s End

The time to start a Back to School promotion is now! You can fill up your schedule by offering special promotions targeting students, teachers, and parents right before school is back in session. Do something fairly simple — such as giving clients who come through your doors in August a discount when they book their next appointment during the school year.

Another good tactic is to build some brand awareness by focusing on the services provided by you and your spa — while stressing the need to book while clients are still able and slots are available. And as always, referral programs are a great way to have current clients introduce their friends and family to your business.

Encourage Your Clients to Start Bold

For a lot of people, starting a new year of school is a way to impress others and show off a new look. Target these clients by showing how you can help them to look and feel great when school is back in session.

You can use social media channels to post pictures and information about the latest trends and services your spa offers that can help clients achieve the looks people want the most.

Focus On the Whole Year

It’s not simply the Back to School period you can focus on to bring in clients, but also those who want to stay fresh all year long.

A new school year is a great time to start a new routine, so it creates a perfect opportunity for you to create relationships with clients centered around a new skincare routine or treatment. When you have new clients in for consultations, recommend products that allow them to achieve their health and beauty goals at home as well as at your spa, and work to pre-book appointments throughout the year to help them along the way.

Keeping clients engaged all year long is key to creating a long-term client. Consider running a contest during your Back to School promotions that include prizes such as a free product or service add-on for their next appointment.

Don’t let the Back to School season pass you by! If you need more guidance on optimizing your services for this time of the year, reach out to NewMed Concepts today. Our years of experience can help you be at the top of the class!