Six Reasons to Add Gift Cards to Your Spa or Esthetician Practice

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While gift cards still aren’t a mainstay in spa and esthetician marketing efforts, we think they ought to be. Why? Think of them as business referral cards — with an experiential bonus!

Incentive program experts say that consumers have maintained an appetite for experiential rewards despite the difficulty in having them right now. Because of this, gift cards have become even more appealing due to their ability to be redeemed in the future.

But it goes beyond this. They expect to see continued increases of up to 33 percent in preferences for gift cards over gift merchandise even in a post-pandemic world.

So, if you haven’t already, consider these six reasons adding gift cards to your marketing mix will help grow your business this year!

Building Brand Awareness

This is a given. Gift cards are one of the most cost-effective ways to ensure your business stays top of mind among your current clients while exposing new ones to your brand.

With options ranging from virtual gift credits to wallet-sized business cards or plastic credit cards, there’s a solution to meet every spa owner and esthetician’s marketing budget in a way that aligns with your brand’s style guidelines.

Increasing Customer Engagement

The fact is that gift cards are the center of countless engagements not only between you and your clients but amongst your clients themselves. These types of programs open doors to deeper engagement with your customer base and encourage your loyal clients to become true ambassadors for your brand.

As a nice bonus, gifting this way also feels good to both givers and recipients!

Offering Safety and Convenience

These terms mean something different to us today, don’t they? And it’s true, sending a digital gift card from one’s own home computer to a friend or family member can certainly mean less risk of exposure to coronavirus.

But we’re also talking about a different kind of safety. Namely, protection from loss, theft, and duplication fraud that is available with the gift card options we have today.

Distributing Gifts Cards Is More Minimalist

Let’s face it, a cluttered spa or salon storefront isn’t relaxing. So we choose a handful of best-sellers to display, which may not be every client’s favorite.

A gift-card, though, can encompass every product and service you offer in one easy, clean, and minimalist package — right at your front counter. Sending digital gift cards through online events or partner vendor efforts is easier (and more cost-effective, frankly) than sending merchandise itself, too.

Generating Useful Business Data

Gift cards provide access to vital business data that will help you better understand your own clients, allowing you to serve them better. This is because they are easily linkable to things like early online registration and back-end sales information after they are redeemed.

All of these portals give customers a way to communicate their individual preferences to you.

Improving Cash Flow Year-Round

Gift cards aren’t just for amping up end-of-year holiday sales anymore. With relevant messaging, the integration of gift cards into your marketing plans throughout the year can help you take advantage of every special occasion (not just Christmas), providing steadier cash flow to your business. Revenue in hand makes business planning a lot easier.

Not to mention, research shows that gift card redemption tends to go one of two ways — either the gift card goes unredeemed (not ideal, but no loss for you) or the redeemer winds up spending more than the gifted amount. Either way, it’s a win-win for your business!

So, what’s stopping you from improving your gift card sales efforts? NewMed Concepts is here to help you knock out any obstacles standing in your way. Whether you’re newly considering them or need help revamping your gift card strategy, reach out for a coaching session with Gayle today!