What Estheticians Need to Know about Facial Mapping

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Facial mapping has been around for centuries. We’ve seen through observation that the skin is trying to tell a story and give a view of overall health – which is what makes facial mapping such a useful tool.

Here’s what you need to know about facial mapping. And how it can be useful to you as an esthetician to help clients achieve balance for their skin and overall health.

The Zones of the Face

Each zone of the face has a connection to different organs or systems in the body.

Issues within the zone allow you to understand what the underlying cause of the skin problems may be, allowing you to offer solutions in order to help restore balance to the skin as well as the body.

Forehead- Heart/Small Intestine/Circulation/Bladder

The forehead is linked to the heart, small intestine, circulatory system, and bladder.

Breakouts or lines on the forehead may be indicative of issues such as irritable bowel syndrome, lack of sleep, increased stress, or a poor diet. Clients experiencing issues with the skin on this part of the face may also want to consider food allergies as an issue.

Encourage clients to drink plenty of water to help with healthy digestion and eat a diet that is nutritionally balanced to heal their skin from the inside out.

Excess sugar consumption along with a lot of fatty foods and alcohol in the diet can also lead to skin issues in this area, so make sure clients understand the link that can exist between skincare and diet.

Temple – Gallbladder

Issues with the gallbladder can lead to acne in this area.

Medications that may not agree with body chemistry can also have an impact, so discuss what these problems may mean to help clients understand the underlying cause.

Between the Brows – Liver

The area between the eyebrows can be vulnerable to breakouts if the client is experiencing issues with their liver.

Since the liver plays such a huge role in detoxification of the body, a poor diet or high stress with many negative emotions can be detrimental.

Under the eyes – Kidneys and Stomach/Spleen/Pancreas 

The kidneys perform a big job for the body and deserve a lot of love! But when they’re taxed, the entire body can suffer. Environmental pollution, stress, and other lifestyle factors can hinder the body’s ability to heal and rejuvenate.

The skin under the eyes becomes thinner as one ages as well, allowing circulation under the skin to become more visible and dark circles to form. Clients with skin issues under the eyes should be mindful of diet, sodium intake, sleep habits, and their mental health.

Nose – Heart

Skin issues on the nose may indicate issues to do with the heart – both emotional and physical.

It may be a sign of blood pressure issues or poor circulation, as well as the impact environmental pollutants can have on the cardiovascular system.

Sadness can also cause redness or breakouts on the tip of the nose.

Are You Ready to Unlock More Secrets of Facial Mapping?

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