How the change of seasons affects your skin!

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Now that summer’s in full swing it’s important to rid the toxin build up from being indoors. Now with the return of pollen and allergens it particularly important to deep clean.

The heat of summer liquifies the sebum and relaxes pores. We sweat with more activity and longer warm days. Most people think they need to through away the moisturizer for the summer. The opposite is true!

As we are more active our bodies draw water from our blood stream. The heat and activity evaporate water from our skin as well. Staying hydrated and drinking more water is key. Gone are the days of using heavy, greasy formulas to keep moisture in our skin. New water bank and water burst technology from Image Skincare now offers super lightweight serums and creams to the rescue.

These new lightweight formulas are packed with vitamins, anti-oxidants and peptides to truly nourish your skin and give you that beautiful glow for the summer months.

Other advances include micro sponge technology to absorb excess oils and options for non-chemical, physical broad spectrum sunscreens to protect your skin from damage without the harmful effects of chemicals.

Gayle’s hottest product must haves for summer:


– Total Ageless Cleanser

– Total Overnight Retinol Masque

– Total Resurfacing Masque


– New Vital C Hydrating Overnight Masque

– New Vital C Hydrating Water Burst


– Clear Cell Restoring Serum oil free

– Clear Cell Mattifying Moisturizer for oily skin


– Prevention+ Daily Moisturizer

– Prevention+ Tinted Moisturizer

– Prevention+ Mineral sunscreen spray

– I-Conceal Foundation (Colours of choice)

– Ronert MD Lip Enhancement spf

Be skin Savvy,