Three Spa Marketing Tips for Your Next Sales Event

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One thing is for certain. After nearly a year of post-pandemic craziness, if you weren’t already well-versed in digital marketing, 2020 gave you the “advantage” of a crash course!

While that might have made last year a bit maddening, hopefully it will make creating your 2021 marketing plans a bit easier. But while it’s probably wise to assume that virtual sales events are going to remain a staple at least for the next six months, that doesn’t mean you have to stick to the same online sales practices you’ve been using.

Check out these three fresh spa marketing tips for your next big sales event!

Make Stronger Community Connections with Public Radio Messaging

We’ve talked about carving out a place for yourself in your local community with ideas before (in-store charity events over the holidays, partnering with nonprofit organizations, etc.). But have you thought about promoting your next sales event via radio?

No, we’re not talking about actually paying for ad time on a local station. For most smaller beauty businesses that would be prohibitively expensive.

So, what can you do? Sponsor your local public radio station!

For just a few hundred dollars, you can position yourself as a mindful community member and let thousands of listeners know how your services can help with their health and wellness, as well as where to reach you (at your easy-to-remember URL for an upcoming sales event, of course!).

Besides an amazing CPI (cost per impression), the public radio audience is generally known for its affluence, its community-mindedness, and its individual listeners’ dedication to health and wellness. All a great match for your spa or esty business.

Pro Tip! If you live in a college town, another key radio audience consideration is any college radio station — and here simply buying ad time is possible. Same low price point, same level of interest in health and beauty maintenance.

Expand Your Audience by Teaching What You Know

What is the best way to learn? By teaching, of course. It’s also a great way to expand your audience.

We imagine you’ve published plenty of tips and tricks videos with your clientele over the last year.  Pull out that content and give it a new life by sharing it with a new audience.

Find a local business with an audience that aligns well with yours. Think of beauty services you don’t offer. Maybe a hair stylist or nail salon. Offer to teach a free skincare class to their audience.

This is an amazing way to showcase your expertise and expand your clientele!

Pro Tip! Return the favor and allow them to teach a call to your audience. It is a great value-add for your clients and a way to strengthen your partnership with the other business.

Make Purchasing Painless by Enhancing Shopping Experiences

With the increase in digital purchasing over the last few years — especially with the uptick in 2020 — there is an ever-increasing number of ways to enhance your clients’ user experience. Take inventory of your purchasing system before that next sales event.

How easy is it for customers to find what they need and make a purchase? How many clicks does it take to get to the products they love? What kind of keywords are set up through site search for when they don’t remember a product name?

You have options that can even incorporate your clients’ preferences and purchasing history. If you haven’t already, utilize these tools! For those of you enhancing your systems now, dedicate a portion of your sales event to showing clients how easy you’ve made their lives with these new and enhanced ways!

If you need help figuring out what to do or how, reach out to us. NewMed is here to help you, and we know that harnessing the power of intimately knowing your customers’ health and beauty rituals can instantly change your bottom line.

Pro Tip! Announce your plans to chat about the updates you’ve made through your Google My Business profile. This is a way to enhance your Google SEO, potentially draw sales outside of your event, and increase your event attendance all at the same time!

Ultimately, those business owners who continue to navigate this weird business world we’re in today are only fortifying their place in the health and beauty industry. If you need help solidifying your place in the wellness community, contact Gayle for advice.