February Spa Business in the Time of Love and Coronavirus

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With the latest news signalling the pandemic’s extension most likely through to at least the Spring, Valentine’s Day this year is going to look a bit different — especially for beauty pros.

The good news is that all the updated procedures and plans you’ve implemented should work in your favor, with people desperate for any chance to pamper themselves and their loved ones.

How can you take advantage of this desire around Valentine’s Day?

Consider these three ways you can boost your February spa or esty business during this time of love and coronavirus.

Tout Your Quarantine Protocols with a Limited Guest Approach

You’ve likely spent ample time rethinking your health and safety protocols, and may have even found your groove on scheduling clients to maximize your bottom line under quarantine measures.

Valentine’s Day is a great time to remind them of what you’re doing to keep clients safe. This marketing strategy is what will allow you to turn Valentine’s Day into weeks.

Depending on where you are in the country, you may have varying degrees of lockdown happening by February, and it’s impossible to really predict. With that in mind, here are two general promotional ideas that might work for you, and are fluid enough to accommodate changes easily — barring another complete lockdown.

Limited Space Offerings

However you’ve spread out your appointments to provide ample time for sanitization protocols, you’re probably seeing fewer clients per day. Because of this, it’s vital to let clients know how few spaces you have open, and build out your schedule on either side of February 14, one day at a time.

The good news? Limited space offerings provide unlimited opportunity to create booking urgency. In other words, you can create the sense that an appointment with you is a sought-after opportunity.

Couples and Quarantine Bubble Spa Packages

Your clients are not likely to have been in complete isolation for the last year. Instead, they have likely created their own quarantine bubble consisting of spouses, family members, and/or a few close friends.

This means couples’ (two of any of the people inside their quarantine bubble) spa packages are still a safe option for Valentine’s Day 2021.

Offer a Virtual Girlfriends’ Spa Day

Building on the idea of a two-week Valentine’s calendar, you can adapt the virtual health and beauty experience to accommodate a girlfriends’ Valentine spa day, as well.

This one may mean a few night shifts, but as business owners we know that success means adapting to the environment. Offer no more than one of these types of appointments per day so that you have time to prepare.

Two Packages / One Focus

Perhaps you offer two types of experience — one focused on health and wellness, the other more focussed on letting loose and having fun. Both should incorporate some element of stress-relief — it’s been that kind of year.

Send Goodies Ahead

Another fun idea would be to develop a package of goodies (included in the price) to be mailed out to girlfriends’ spa day participants ahead of time so they have everything they need.

Depending on which option clients choose — health or fun focus — you could include either the latest vitamin-rich beverage or a  demi bottle of wine or champagne in each package, along with the various products you intend to present during the event, for example.

Promote Your Best Stress-Relieving Products

The entire health and wellness industry is abuzz with ideas for offering the best in stress relief. We imagine continued pandemic means a continued need for these things. Tap into that trend.

Check your sales reports over the last year, see what’s flying off your shelves, and give your February promotion of those top-selling stress relief products a “love” twist.

Also, make sure you’re stocked up on those products you plan to demo in your virtual Valentine’s packages as well!

If you have specific ideas and need direction on logistics, for instance, or even a basic brainstorm session to get you started, Gayle wants you to know NewMed Concepts is here to help make you a success. Just reach out!