How to Attract Luxury Spa Clients

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How to Attract Luxury Spa Clients

Every stakeholder in the luxury spa industry has the ultimate goal of acquiring and maintaining an elite client list. After all, they grant us the opportunity to pursue our passions in a way that we couldn’t otherwise.

Why? Because they’re the ones who can truly impact the profitability of our businesses.

In turn, it’s imperative to understand that attracting luxury spa clients is different from targeting any other audience. Today, we provide a handful of crucial insights in reaching the right client for your luxury spa business.

Quality Supersedes Cost

Research shows that some consumers equate lower pricing with poor quality. These are the clients who opt for quality over cost every time. They have the luxury of choosing superior quality over price.

As an expert in your field using the latest equipment and technology, you provide quality that your clients can’t get just anywhere. Your pricing should reflect that. Offering a “bargain” will deter luxury clients.

The Devil’s in the Details

What you charge for products and services, however, should be reflective of actual quality. As they say, “the devil’s in the details.”

Here are three small details that lend to the overall level of quality that elite clients expect:

  • A well-designed site with quality in-spa photos
  • Superior customer service online and offline
  • Even the type of paper you choose for printing your brochures

This clientele may not always articulate exactly what they love about their experience with you, but they will certainly notice when the effort isn’t made.

This is a huge part of why NewMed Concepts developed partnerships with Image Skincare, Hush&Hush nutraceuticals, Aspen Green CBD, and Elemental’s Nanopen. These brands understand the luxury market and the level of quality high-end clientele command. Having their products on your shelves reflects your brand’s attention to detail.

Be the Authority on Luxury Treatment

This is one piece of advice you can use in an endless number of ways. But it boils down to “authority-based” lead generation. Find leads through sources where you demonstrate your expertise.

Here are some of the most effective methods for establishing your expert reputation.

Digital Presence is Now Standard

A luxury spa-focused blog or a treatment demonstration vlog (video log) are two ways you can solidify your place of authority on luxury spa treatments.

Consider a marketing investment for this. Your blog posts and videos should be professional, informative, and communicate effectively with this particular audience.

The transition from watching and reading about your spa to checking the event calendar, buying products, and booking appointments should also feel seamless.

In-Spa Events Have Clients Talking for Weeks

This takes a bit of planning, but hosting events at your spa can yield invaluable returns when done correctly.

Invite your current client list and include a plus-one.

Create a high-end but casual vibe.

Book a well-known treatment expert or local luxe influencer to speak about your spa.

Demo new products or treatments and offer exclusive sampling.

Provide local-area luxury targeted media with an engaging press release including dates to drive a sense of urgency to share with their audience.

Word of Mouth Referrals Abound

Your clients and their plus-ones are sure to book and purchase at-home care products while there, and they’ll be talking about the event for weeks.

Host an amazing event, make it easy to love your brand online, and your word of mouth referrals will abound.

The key to connecting with the luxury spa elite is reaching them where they are, and communicating effectively once we do. Try infusing these three concepts into your efforts and watch as your luxury spa client list grows.

If you have questions about specific strategies or tactics for attracting luxury spa clients to your business, reach out about NewMed Concepts classes and training!