Digital Marketing for Aesthetic Businesses

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Even before the insanity of being an entrepreneur this year, the skincare industry was already amidst major shifts toward online business.

Lockdowns associated with COVID-19, however, left us in a dead sprint toward maintaining (and often even saving) our businesses by pivoting our digital strategies quicker than ever.

Now ask yourself, how many nights in 2020 have you spent rearranging that social marketing calendar? How about packaging contest winner prizes and free samples for delivery? Re-writing product descriptions and updating images to ensure you look good online?

Some of you are nodding your heads: yes, too many. Others of you may still be puzzled about how you’ve managed to hang on this long without a solid online presence.

In either case, NewMed Concepts is right here to help you.

NewMed Spa and Esty Partners Prepare for Success

As a steady rise in digital skincare business has shifted into high gear, we want to do our best to ensure our partner spas and estheticians feel prepared for continued online success.

For this reason, Gayle’s next online course will focus on exactly that: digital presence. Join for a comprehensive look at leveraging your digital marketing efforts, no matter what level of online experience you might have so far.

Through our next course, you can learn how to develop a business fitness strategy that makes sense for your budget, your resources, and your experience.

A Sneak Peek at NewMed’s Newest Digital Marketing Course

The next NewMed digital marketing course will strengthen your background in digital marketing and branding practices for an aesthetics-based business.

Our discussions will run the gamut from how to establish unique brand guidelines to tapping into the right resources for assistance. Before you leave, you’ll know what types of social, email, and online ad campaigns make the most sense for you, and when and how to deploy them.

We’ll cover…

  • Why and how to establish brand guidelines
  • Building your Facebook and Instagram followings
  • How to use Google My Business to get found 
  • Social media content ideas
  • Enlisting your staff’s help with social media marketing
  • 3 types of emails you must use
  • The value of regular blog posts
  • Making the most of all reviews (yes, even bad ones!)

The insights, tips, and tricks provided in this digital marketing course are all proven strategies in leveling up your online business.

Sign up for the class through the virtual Southern Salon and Spa Conference. I look forward to sharing with you soon!