Estys, What to Do With Your Downtime to Set Yourself Up for Post-Coronavirus Success

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Many of our spa and esthetician partners are small businesses, and a number of you are responsible for the livelihood of others. Even in the best of times, we understand how stressful and anxiety-inducing that can be. So it makes sense if your stress levels are running even higher right now.

Here’s the thing, though. We were meant to help people in times like this. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention even suggests a good way to cope with difficulties like coronavirus is to take care of the body and carve out time to relax the mind.

Isn’t this exactly what we tell every client that walks through our doors regardless of the pathogens floating in the air?

Same Job, Different Day… and Maybe a Different Location

Even if we’re approaching it a little bit differently (online, by phone, or in some other social distance-friendly way), we still have a big job to do. Our services are also going to be more important than ever as self-quarantining ends and our clients begin emerging from their homes after weeks of isolation. Be prepared!

This could wind up being just the time you need to take care of all the administrative things that are on your to-do list. It’s also a good time to develop and/or solidify client relationships outside of their spa appointments… and fill your appointment books for the summer month!

Four Tips for Growing Your Business Amidst Social Distancing

Most of us entered into the aesthetic industry to tap into our creative energy and our passion for helping others. We know you’re already thinking outside the box to come up with new and creative approaches for making this time work for you.

Here are three ways NewMed Concepts partners can do just that…

Increase Education Efforts for Yourself and Your Staff

Have you been meaning to become NanoPen-certified? Learning how to become a rockstar extractor? Ready to start utilizing facial mapping?

Now that you have more downtime, it’s a great opportunity for you and your staff to come back with new skills and services to offer your clients.

Also, you can get those CE credit requirements over and done with! That way, you’re ready to focus on getting back to work once things reopen.

Improve Client Communications

It is so important to stay in touch with clients. Be sure and let them know the ways you’re personally taking extra care right now. Whether by email or social media platform, be sure to convey your concern for their well-being.

There is also no better time for you to get your digital marketing efforts together if you haven’t.

Now might be the time, for instance, to develop that cache of YouTube beauty tutorials. Or to start putting together those Instagram beauty tips you’ve been thinking of. Social media can be an amazing way to stay connected and share expertise from your own beauty arsenal.

Plus, you can promote your home-treatment options and provide fun, shareable content — at a time when people are truly desperate for it.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Is your website up-to-date?

  • Are your social media accounts up-to-date?

  • Are there any processes you’ve been meaning to digitally automate?

  • Do you have a social media plan in place?

  • How can you engage your clients so that you’re weathering this storm together?

  • Do you need any professional help getting your thoughts, ideas, or other digital marketing efforts together?

If you need help or suggestions, we have a digital marketing team available to answer your questions or put together a strategy for you.

Reassess Your Cleaning Policies

How do you sterilize? Do the products you currently use kill the coronavirus? What processes do you complete between clients? Are you regularly cleaning high-touch surfaces?

Update your guidelines for staff members. And also think about how you can better communicate what you do to clean to customers.

Your goal should be to boost customers’ confidence, so they feel safe to choose your business when you re-open.

Focus on What You Can Do for Your Clients Right Now

What can you do right now? Put yours and your clients’ safety first.

Update your cancellation policy. And waive fees during this pandemic. This also builds rapport with clients.

Maybe your doors are closed at the moment. But you can still offer free shipping for online orders and curbside pick-up. This is a way to stay safe while providing clients what they need!

Focus on treatments that reduce stress. Develop and promote an at-home spa package containing the most luxurious IMAGE exfoliator, masque, and serum on your shelves. Double-down and incorporate it into your digital marketing efforts.

Reach Out If You Need to Brainstorm 

Let’s take this time out to ensure your business is set up for success when it’s time to face a new normal. If you need help figuring out how, just ask us. NewMed Concepts is here to help.

Finally, a quick note — always check with current local officials and CDC requirements. They are changing rapidly.