What Spas and Estys Have Learned a Year Into the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Wow, what a whirlwind! One way or another, a year into the coronavirus pandemic one thing is for sure: it has been a crash course in business for us all.

Nothing about this past year has been easy, but if you’ve made it this far, NewMed Concepts believes that you are stronger for it. Why? Because If you’ve made it this far, chances are nothing can stop you from becoming the successful business owner you dream — as long as you take the time to reflect on what’s happened and apply it to your future.

So today we want to take a moment to point out some of the major feats our little community has accomplished during this ongoing crisis.

Finding Your Place Through Heightened Safety

To protect both yourself and keep your employees safe, you encouraged self-care first. Then, in order to reopen your doors, you tightened your health protocols to keep your clients safer too.

You narrowed in-person interactions to the bare minimum by shifting preliminary paperwork, appointment setting, and check-ins to the digital space. You enhanced your cleaning protocols to make everyone feel safer.

Then you learned how to communicate your efforts to your clients and reintroduce your business as a safe and comfortable place for your clients to visit.

In that communication effort, you discovered that your clients needed you just as much as you needed them. Sometimes it was your stress-relieving services and products that kept them hanging on through months of quarantine.

Ultimately, you came away with a deeper understanding of the value of your support systems, what your place is within them, and the importance of your role in the community.

Becoming Better Spa and Esthetic Businesswomen

Caring more about your spa community and making changes to ensure everyone’s safety opened the door to becoming better businesswomen, too.

No matter how efficient you thought your processes were before, there were still ways to streamline even further. You partnered with local businesses complimentary to yours. You discovered new revenue streams to stay afloat.

You utilized the data that’s been accumulating in your archives since the beginning, focused on what promised the best returns, and automated everything you could to spend your time staying connected in meaningful ways to your clients.

For so many of you, that meant figuring out how to make digital marketing work for your business. You practiced (and in many cases, perfected) efficient pivots from generating in-spa revenue to online sales through retail, education, and gift card sales, just to name a few.

And BONUS! I know a certain handful of you never knew you could look so good on YouTube!

But the most incredible part about the entire experience? It doesn’t stop here.

Keeping the Forward Momentum

Everything you’ve learned and changed and implemented over the last year can easily be carried over into your long-term business plans and goals. It doesn’t have to stop when the virus is eradicated. The health and wellness business will continue to evolve, incorporating these changes into new best practices and better industry standards.

Thinking about the important and thoughtful conversations we’ve had with so many of you over the last 13 months, the phrase “grace under fire” springs to mind. For those of you still unsure which direction to go from here, secure a spot with Gayle for a consultation.

We are proud of all of you, and can’t wait to see you succeed and to support your business in any way we can!