Preparing for the Holiday Rush During the Pandemic – Part 1: In-Person Ideas

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In this topsy-turvy year with so much going on and so much changing, it may seem strange to be thinking about the holiday season. But believe it or not, it’s right around the corner! And if you want to give yourself the best chance at a successful season, you need to start planning for it now.

In this post, we’re going to cover both in-store and social distancing-friendly promotion ideas for you to think about. We’ll start with the in-person promos for those who have that option.

Holiday Event Ideas

In the Store…

Schedule small, socially distanced VIP events or a holiday open house to demo holiday protocols and product benefits. Offer mini hand treatments so clients can feel pampered as they do their shopping. And set up a gift-wrapping station so they leave with the perfect gift that’s wrapped and ready to give.

Don’t have a store? Nervous (or not allowed) to use it? Simply want to get creative?

No problem! In fact, some of the most creative (and festive!) in-person event ideas don’t require a store at all. The best part? Many of the same in-store suggestions mentioned above can also work in other locations.

Eat and Shop

Why not partner with some local food trucks on an event where people can come to grab a bite while they shop outside. It’s a win-win for both of you!

The idea is to set up food trucks on one side and display tables on the other, with lots of attractive holiday gift options and discounts. The outside venue not only makes the event relatively unique, but also lets you promote it as being safer.

Holiday Kit Presentation in the Park

Use Eventbrite or a similar platform to set up an event at an outdoor venue like a local park where people can come and watch you do a presentation on the new Holiday Kits.

Talking to people in person will make them much less likely to be distracted. And you can decrease the likelihood of people backing out by offering samples, discounts for attending, and even selling the kits and other items at the presentation.

House Party!

Have several clients in the same area? Reach out and see if one of them wants to host a “house party” (outside, preferably) where you come and offer your services and products. Set your ground rules regarding safety, distancing, masks, and so on.

You can sweeten the deal for the host by providing them with a special gift, samples, or discount.

Holiday Display Ideas

In store, display each holiday set both open to highlight the contents and closed to showcase the keepsake box. Place boxes with their coordinating collections to increase add-on sales.

We have holiday easelbacks and Hydrating Collection easelbacks available for purchase on, along with the holiday lookbook featuring stunning photography. Display the holiday boxes with the easelbacks and lookbook in high traffic areas and at point of sale to increase interest.

Additionally, have some ready-to-gift boxes with ribbons, bows, gift wrap, and gift cards for impulse buys.

For all of the below display ideas, you can come up with a tiered discount system. For example:

  • Buy X kits, receive X% off or GWP. (Offering a percentage off is always better than a specific number. Even when it’s the same amount — or less — people think it’s more!)
  • Buy X kits (more than the above), receive a comp treatment (eye treatment, lip treatment, eyebrow wax, and so on). The idea is to get the customer into the room to experience a service.  Offer a discount if they book a full service or series of services.

FALL into the Holidays

Promote the Holiday kits early by creating a display with colored leaves or pumpkins to represent the fall season. Alternatively, you could put samples into organza bags that represent fall colors — red, green, orange, brown.

Don’t Be a Turkey (Neck)!

Surround the back and sides of a table with turkey decor — pictures, stuffed animals, other turkey figures — making sure they all have waddles. Then create a “Don’t Be a Turkey (Neck)!” sign to display behind it.

Why? Because this Thanksgiving promotion will promote The Max Stem Cell Neck Lift creme or GWP with purchase of treatment or product.

‘Tis the Season

Get Your Lips “Mistletoe” Ready

Focus on lip enhancement treatments with a promotion to Get Your Lips “Mistletoe” Ready. You can hang mistletoe from the ceiling over pictures/displays of people kissing and information about lip products.

Make Samples Merry and Bright

Still have some of those colored organza bags? Change the colors as you get closer to the Christmas season to red, green, silver, and gold.

O (Rainbow) Christmas Tree

Want to modernize your Christmas decor in the store? Check out these acrylic triangle “Christmas Trees”! They come in a variety of different colors and sizes, offering you flexibility in your display.

POP into the New Year!

Create a display with plastic champagne glasses filled with sparkly filler to look like bubbles. Or fill some clear ornaments with samples. Buy a certain number, get an ornament filled with samples.

Add-ons and Upsells

The more the merrier is not just true when it comes to parties! Add-ons can take clients’ results and excitement to the next level.

Luckily, upselling is also easy in your spa. For example, suggest the Age-Defying kit to clients after their bespoke holiday treatment to continue the radiant results at home. This kit pairs perfectly with the MAX contour gel crème, a luxe crème that can be mixed with the HA filler for additional hydration.

This is going to be an interesting holiday season for in-person sales, but if you’re clever and plan ahead, there are still plenty of ways you can encourage people to buy.