Your Guide to Creating a (Profitable) Spa Gift Package

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. You’ve stacked your merchandise to the ceiling with stocking stuffers and individual products, and they’re selling great. But you find yourself behind the counter wondering what’s next – how are you going to bring in clients after the holiday season?

Could be that you’re missing a specific type of product that tends to help: gift packages.

That’s right. Spas make a nice chunk of change during the holidays by offering convenient, exciting gift packages. These packages may include treatment vouchers, products, or a mix of the two to help pamper loved ones.

But what you might not realize is that these packages actually provide you with a dual benefit – not only do you get the money from the packages immediately, you increase your chances of “hooking” people (some of them likely new clients) and getting them to return to your spa in the new year. That means more opportunities to keep the revenue stream flowing.

Learn how to arrange and price gift packages so that they work for your business and help to convert new customers even after the holidays are over.

Think About Routines

A gift set of five different cleansers isn’t particularly useful – the products may expire or your clients may find themselves getting attached to just one or two of the options.

Instead, choose a set of products that complement each other. Add a moisturizer, cleanser, and an eye mask to give clients a full routine. This will also encourage them to come back and buy later.

Create a Theme

Clients need a reason to buy these packages for their friends or family. A theme like “Girls Day Out” or “Fun in the Sun” is more accessible to new clients who may or may not be familiar with the treatments and products in the package. Themes can also help to reflect your spa’s brand and speak directly to your clients and their needs.

Introduce Lesser-Known Treatments

It can be tempting to put your most popular treatments in your gift packages to sell them. But your clients are likely going to buy these treatments whether they’re in a package or not!

Use this opportunity to put some new or underrated treatments into packages. Clients will be more likely to try out something new if they got it in a gift set. (Extra-popular treatments can be an “add-on” to some gift packages if you like.)

Buy In Bulk

Clients are going to look for ways to save a few bucks on holiday products – and you should do the same. Think about what products are going into your gift sets and order them wholesale before the holidays. You can get them for a cheaper price and make a profit – even when clients are getting a deal!

Include Gift Packages In Your Marketing Materials

People won’t buy your exciting new gift packages if they don’t know they’re available! Once you have put together these fun sets of products and treatments, spread the word.

Review all of your upcoming materials, including newsletters and social media content. Are you showing off these great gift packages? Are you telling clients what they can get their family and friends for the holidays? Let them know what is new and available at your shop! (Don’t forget to train your team on these gift sets, too!)

Learn More

Want more personalized tips on how to create the best gift packages for your customers? Arrange a conference call and build specific strategies for turning a profit this holiday season.