Attracting Male Spa Clients: How Your Spa Can Improve Men’s Health

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While summertime self-care can be overshadowed by bikini season and beach vacations, don’t forget that June is Men’s Health Month. Even if your male spa clients aren’t looking for pedicures or microblading, guys can still benefit from a variety of spa services to improve their health and their self-confidence.

And they just may be the new clients you need to take your spa business to the next level. Men are expected to go from being 10% of spa clientele to 30% over the next decade, because Millennial men are more open to the idea of heading to the spa. Even better, one study found that men outspend women by 13% when they do come in.

So this month, tell your male clients about the importance of skincare, build or revisit your men’s services menu, offer couples experiences, and make simple changes to better target men in your marketing. Here’s a guide on how to do it!

Men’s Skincare Needs at the Spa

Men have their own special skincare needs. In addition to having larger pores than most women, regular shaving by men can lead to ingrown hairs, bumps, and dry, dehydrated patches on the face. These irritations can cause further problems as men age and continue to shave.

Prevention is easier than taking action to repair loose, wrinkled, or damaged skin. After all, that’s why we put on sunscreen before we head to the beach. Similarly, skincare treatments and regimens can help men eliminate the signs of aging before they start.

A cleanser that also exfoliates can help prevent the build-up of blackheads and ingrown hairs. A moisturizer with SPF can help keep skin hydrated and protect from UV rays.

And finally, male spa clients may not come in concerned about aging, but you can be sure they want to avoid wrinkles just like your female clients. So be sure to recommend a anti-aging serum that promotes cell health and supports natural defense mechanisms.

Men tend to be drawn to quicker daily routines. Many avoid “fancy” skincare products because they believe they are time-consuming, complex, or just unnecessary. Why can’t they just use regular over-the-counter brands and a bar of soap?

Take the time to educate them on the differences between what they use now — and what they could be using. Be sure to share the specific benefits they can expect from making the switch.

Then keep it simple with a 3-step process. For example:

  1. Cleanse and exfoliate with Ageless Total Facial Cleanser
  2. Moisturize and prevent with Prevention+ Daily Hydrating Moisturizer SPF 30+
  3. Apply anti-aging serum at night with The MAX Stem Cell Serum

Learn more about scaling your business with male clientele.

Men’s Spa Services to Add to Your Menu

Make sure male spa clients know they are welcome buy creating a section of your menu or a separate menu catering to their specific needs.

Men tend to be drawn to fitness and health-related treatments. Be sure to include a few treatments that focus on each of those areas.

For guys that are into understanding the science behind the products, share the ORMEDIC balancing antioxidant serum and ORMEDIC® balancing facial cleanser. The line has a gender-neutral color scheme, and you can focus on sharing about the power of combining nutrient-rich botanicals with clinically smart ingredients.

Also, talk to them about how YANA™ daily collagen shots help to rebuild and strengthen skin by boosting the body’s natural collagen production.

And finally, make sure to offer some speedy services on the men’s spa menu. It’s typical for male spa clients to seek shorter treatments because they don’t want to spend too much time on it. Make sure you have enough 30-minute treatments options geared toward guys.

Focus on Couples Spa Treatments to Bring in the Guys

One of the best ways to get guys into the spa? To have their significant other invite them!

Make sure you have couples treatments on the menu that cater specifically to both people’s needs while still providing a relaxing joint experience. And take this opportunity to get the male spa client hooked!

Be sure to provide him with a copy of the men’s menu when he leaves as well as offering products that can help him prolong the results of his treatment. Share a few minutes of skincare education, or offer a printout specifically sharing tips and tricks for men.

Create a Separate Email List for Your Male Spa Clients

It’s likely you are gathering email addresses for every client that walks through the door, so you can maintain a relationship with them after their appointment. But if you’re adding men to the same list as women, you’re missing out on an opportunity for repeat visits.

Unless your spa caters exclusively to men, the vast majority of your marketing and promotions are likely designed and written with a woman in mind. That email is likely to end up in your male clients’ trash can — or may result in an unsubscribe. It’s wasted effort.

Instead, create a separate list. It’s okay if you send to this list less frequently, but try to at least email every other month. And here’s the kicker: don’t just promote men’s services to this male client list. Also, use it to remind them before every major holiday that spa treatments, skincare products, and gifts certificates are excellent choices for all the women in their life!

You have a lot of options for helping men meet their physical and cosmetic health needs. Focus on Men’s Health this month to expand your client list and deepen your relationship with your existing male clients. You could open a whole new revenue stream for your business.   

Originally Published 06/20/19. Updated 06/20/21.