Southern Salon & Spa Conference Interview with Gayle Praechtl

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NewMed Concepts will be at this year’s virtual Southern Salon & Spa Conference, aka The Hickory Show. Gayle Praechtl recently did an interview with their staff, which you can find on their website and social media accounts — and below!

Will you be joining the conference this year?
Gayle is teaching the following live webinars:

  • Meridian Facial: 2NC CE
  • Digital Marketing: 2NC CE
  • You Got This – Opening an Aesthetic Practice: 2NC CE
  • Aesthetic Pros Making their Place in the Sanitation Business: 2NC CE
  • Aging, Epigenetics, & Energy. Activate your own Stem Cells & Self Healing: 2NC NCE

Can you briefly tell us a little about yourself and how you started your own company and brand? 

Like many of you I began my journey fascinated with alternative medicine and wellness. Loving plants, herbs, food, and the effects they have on altering the way we look and feel.

I dove into aesthetics and felt everything you do for the face you can do for the entire body. I expanded into body work and massage therapy. At the time, little was known about aesthetics and body care, so I went on to be an aesthetic instructor to help spread the word.

After accumulating many years of experience from curating my own spa and making my own products to working in plastic surgery med spas, I grew into business development for manufacturers and distributors of aesthetic products and devices.

One of the most propelling reasons I started my own business was to help other passionate industry professionals raise the bar in our industry and share our experiences, so we may be able to inspire others.

By doing that, it creates tremendous well-being for us and our clients. It also generates wealth. I love helping people make money at what they love.

As a successful entrepreneur, what is one of the most important business decisions that you have made that you would recommend to estheticians?

Take a leap of faith. I started my business at the height of our depression in 1990.

Believe in yourself and what you love. When you share what you love and allow your passion to show you will gain a following.
How important do you believe retailing is with regard to growing and maintaining a practice?

Retailing is everything. You cannot achieve results without the use of the proper tools. Skincare products are our tools. You must know which tool to use for each and every situation. Home care is critical to getting the best possible results in our services.

The big plus is retailing will generate 50%- 80% additional income for you more than services alone do.

We have seen this proven during the pandemic where spas and esty were still able to generate income and feed their family by retail sales only. If you prefer, now more than ever, you have an option for 100% income by offering professional retail consults only with no service.

Why is it important for estheticians to use and recommend professional grade products? And how does that impact their services and bottom line? How important are regular product knowledge training classes ? 

Clients want advice on the best possible products to deliver the best possible results. Having professional only access to certain product lines allows the esty or therapist to customize product regimes that may have higher actives than over-the-counter products creating a special niche for industry pros.

Clients look to us for our expertise and coaching. We must know what ingredients do to give certain desired results. Advancements in formulations are constantly changing at a rapid pace.

Clients look to us for the latest, greatest products to address their concerns; we need to know what is in those products and why.

What would be your advice and recommendations to estheticians who want to grow their revenue in retailing? What are some of the best ways to jump start retail revenue?

Knowledge is power. First, you must invest in product knowledge. You must have a basic understanding of ingredients and know how and when to use a product. No need to memorize everything; just get a basic understanding.

Second, you must communicate to a client what products you have chosen for them and why those particular products will address their concerns.

Third, be passionate about your selections and make it fun for the client to invest in a skin routine.

Fourth, hone your marketing by consulting with a professional business manager. A pro can help see some areas for you to step up.

Finally, with regard to advancing one’s career: how important do you feel it is for estheticians to regularly attend trade shows and take advanced training? What is the overall potential impact of continuing education with regard to an esthetician’s presentation to the public?

Staying current and on top of our game in the aesthetic and wellness industry is our reason for being pros. Trade shows, events, webinars, and classes all help us to be leading edge.

My most successful accounts all take regular continuing education of some sort. Once a week, spend a few minutes to listen to or check out a blog or product. Once a month, update yourself with a webinar, class, or meeting. Trade shows offer multiple vendors, products, devices, and a chance for diverse education all in one place, live or online.

The more you become aware and familiar with products and services the more confident you become. That in turn gives our clients a better experience and gives them confidence and loyalty in you as well.