3 Key Trends to Boost Spa Revenue in 2021

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Whether you’re a new skincare business owner or a seasoned professional, we can probably all agree that 2020 has been nothing short of an unprecedented year. For better or worse, your year-end reporting is likely to reflect that fact.

So, where do you expect to land? How did your best efforts to pivot in the wake of a health crisis pan out? What worked? What didn’t?

It may not be fun to look back, but answering these questions is a great step toward informing the way you plan to grow and expand in 2021.

As you develop next year’s spa marketing efforts, we offer this bit of advice: go with what you know about your clients and consider industry trends on the whole.

How do you do that? It’s easy. Pull sales and informational reporting for your client base.

Consider three key trends that serve as the baseline for each revenue-boosting idea shared below. This strategy will give you an edge on planning for your best year yet!

Now, let’s take a closer look at those post-COVID industry trends….

Stress Is a Big Driver of Services Right Now

NewMed Concepts’ partners across the nation have spent months implementing plans to keep clientele healthy during visits. They’ve built trust in providing a safe place to relax and recharge.

And now more than ever, the clients who have decided to come back for in-office treatments are doing so to escape the stresses that have plagued 2020 — many of which seem destined to continue for the foreseeable future. This is why your current menu offerings should be chock-full of service packages and products to alleviate stress.

Make a visit to your salon chair a relaxing retreat, and reap the benefits at your bottom line.

Pro Tip! Many of your clients may still prefer discretion when it comes to in-person visits, so try reaching out through private channels like email, text, and direct message instead of more public forums.

Product Sales Narrow Your Revenue Gap

We wouldn’t be surprised to learn that a good percentage of your clients haven’t quite made the leap to return for in-person treatment yet. A good number of bookings are probably being shifted around or altogether canceled more frequently than in the pre-COVID world. And those who do come in for treatment aren’t likely coming in as often as they used to.

For this reason, you should be meeting your clients’ needs exactly where they are most comfortable — at home.

  • Stay vocal on social platforms by explaining what products to use in the interim.
  • Set up an auto-response on appointment changes, letting clients know about product options that will help until they can make it back in.
  • Show in-person clients how take-home products can stretch their time between visits without sacrificing treatment results.

Product revenues can be a liferaft to your business as a “new normal” continues to develop. These are all effective ways to build those reserves when you need them the most.

“Girls’ Nights In” Events Are the Thing

So many people are working, mom-ing, teaching, and wife-ing at home these days. What better way for your quarantining clientele to safely (and effectively) escape everything going on than by locking themselves away in their en suite for a health and beauty sesh with you?

“Sorry, hon, it’s a meeting I can’t miss!”

These events can be as formal (or informal) as your clients want to get — as long as they are engaging, uplifting, and there are opportunities for your girls to enjoy themselves and the products and education you have to offer.

Pro Tip! Offering several types of virtual events at different price points and levels of formality can ensure you appeal to a wider variety of clients. It allows you to provide ways for current clients to invite friends with different treatment preferences as well.

If you have specific concerns about your spa or esty business going into the new year, review NewMed’s course calendar for relevant classes or reach out to Gayle at NewMed spa for a one-on-one consultation. Your success is important to us, and we are always here to help!