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Happy belated Valentine’s Day! We’re still riding a rush from this celebration of love. (Or maybe it’s just the half-priced candy…)

The beautiful thing about self-love is that it lasts all year long. Even after candy hearts disappear from the shelves and winter turns to spring, your clients still have the chance to love, improve, and appreciate themselves.

Help them discover their best selves with a high-quality selection of products and treatments. The more you have on your menu, the easier it will be for clients to create the perfect self-love ritual for them.

Exciting Special Announcements from NewMed Concepts

We’re Days Away From the Worldwide Launch Party!

Get skinspired at the largest skincare event in the world! The Image Skincare Worldwide Launch Party is just a few days away. Learn about new products, get access to exclusive specials, and continue to develop your beauty business!

This isn’t just any Worldwide Launch Party. This year, the founder of IMAGE Skincare –  the Janna Ronert – will be attending the event.

You read that right! It’s not every day that Janna makes her way down to North Carolina to share her wisdom and insights with us. You can’t miss out on this opportunity to grow your esty business with Janna and Gayle.

Register now. And get excited – only a few weeks left until March 4!

The ORMEDIC Collection Bundle

Now’s the time to start planning for spring, and we think a focus on ORMEDIC products aligns perfectly with the concept of rejuvenation!

The entire line is all about finding balance with soothing nourishment and protection.

ORMEDIC Flash Facial Kits for Just $2.06? Yes, Please! 

Through the end of February (2/28/20), Image is providing a 15-percent markdown for our esty partners on ORMEDIC Flash Facial Kit bundles.

That means it only costs you $2.06 per client facial treatment!

Available Webinars and Training Sessions

Mitchell’s Academy – IMAGE Peel 

Peels help your clients enjoy a fresh face and spring cleaning on the skin. Educate your clients on the peel process by attending one of our IMAGE Peel learnings.

Our last February training was yesterday, but there is still time to sign up for our event on April 2.

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There’s Still Time for Nanopen Certification

This $29 Nanopen Certification Course is a webinar designed to be taken at your convenience, and we offer a special package rate if you decide you’d like to incorporate this amazing treatment into your offerings.

Register Here!

Any Questions?

Running a beauty business isn’t always pretty. It’s hard work to be an esty and a business woman. If you have any beauty questions about products, treatments, or life in the beauty biz, send us an email. We’ll answer as soon as we can.