4 Techniques for Keeping Your Spa Appointments Booked

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As a spa manager or owner, one of your biggest challenges will always be keeping your appointments booked up. If your retail sales are still growing, appointments are the fuel that keeps your business running.

But how do you guarantee that you will hit your quota every day and keep your staff busy?

Use these tips to market to clients at every step of their journey with your business.

Offer Last-Minute Deals

Clients might assume that they shouldn’t bother trying to book a same-day appointment.

So, if you have open spaces throughout the day, let your clients know! Send out a social media post telling your customer base that you have an open space or a last-minute cancellation.

Offer a discount if you are just looking to fill the gap in your schedule. You might just get a last-minute booking.

Set Up a Rewards Program

Clients are more likely to come back to your spa if they have an opportunity to save or get a free treatment in the future. Offer a rewards programs where clients can set up points or punch a card for every treatment they get or retail product they buy.

Think it sounds kind of silly?

These programs work —  61% of women claim to make purchases from brands just because they have rewards programs. This is a great opportunity to form longer relationships with your clients and give them a reason to keep coming back.

Master Follow-Up Marketing

Retaining clients is much more profitable than seeking out new ones. Don’t forget to follow up with clients who have already experienced your spa and bring them in for another appointment.

Train staff on how to follow up right away. After a treatment, your staff should have a plan for booking another appointment. If you don’t book an appointment, you can still follow up through email marketing, follow-up surveys, or targeted advertisements that remind your clients that it’s time to book another treatment.

Following up with clients doesn’t always have to involve a call to action. Send out surveys and wish your clients a happy holiday season. Nurturing the relationship with your clients takes time and doesn’t always require a sales pitch.

Focus on Quality Over Quantity

It’s hard to stuff a dozen appointments into each team member’s schedule — and this may not be the best idea in the first place.

After all, customers aren’t going to come back because they were impressed that the esthetician could fit in 10 waxes that day. They’ll come back if they had a pleasant experience and felt valued and appreciated as a customer.

Take some time to assess the schedule for each of your team members. Are you giving them enough time to prepare and keep their space clean? Do they approach each client with the same energy and attention throughout the day?

If the answers are no, it might be time to cut down the amount of appointments that they have each day.

Follow these tips and you’ll have far fewer empty spaces in your schedule.