6 Last-Minute Tips for Preparing Holiday Marketing for Your Spa or Esty Biz 

You are currently viewing 6 Last-Minute Tips for Preparing Holiday Marketing for Your Spa or Esty Biz 

Spas plan months in advance to ramp up their marketing and make a final push for the year. But even if you don’t have months to plan for the 2019 holidays, you can still help to spread the word about events, sales, and exciting products exclusive to the holiday season.

These quick tasks won’t take more than a day (or even an hour) to complete!

Order More Gift Cards 

Do you have enough gift cards to satisfy all of your clients this holiday season? Leftover cards can always be used year-round, so consider buying holiday-themed sleeves. Your clients will still be able to present a holiday-themed gift and you won’t have to throw away excess gift cards once the holidays are over.

Add Decorations!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – does your spa reflect that?

You don’t have to go over-the-top with your decorations. Blasting festive music, for example, may take clients out of their relaxed state. Instead, maybe try a peppermint or cocoa fragrance that brings the cozy feeling of the holiday into your spa without any unwanted distractions.

A simple Christmas tree in the corner of the office or a menorah on the table can also add some holiday cheer without going overboard. These decorations can also be used to show off some “presents” that you have in the store.

Arrange Your Retail to Reflect Current Deals

You have new gift cards and packages that your clients can pick up on their way out the door. Have you placed information about these options in front of the door?

Re-merchandise before the holiday fever strikes your clients. Advertise gift card sales at your counter for your clients to pick up as they pay. Place hot retail at the front and center of your displays where waiting clients can see them. Freshen things up to give new and loyal clients something to look at as they consider their holiday shopping list.

Send Out a Holiday Newsletter 

So, clients in your spa know what’s up for the holiday season. But what about the clients who only come in once every three months?

Send out a special holiday newsletter. Let clients know they can quickly come in and pick up products and gift cards for everyone on their list. Tell clients if 2020 bookings are filling up – and how they can reserve their spot.

Take a Moment For Yourself

It’s about to get hectic around your spa. Remind yourself (and your team) that it’s important to take care during the holidays and get some rest when needed. Winter is also flu season – don’t let holiday stress turn into sick days!

What About the New Year? 

The end of the year is a busy time for spas and estys – but so is the beginning of the year. Set a date to sit down with your team and prepare for January. Numerous people will have New Year’s Resolutions regarding hair, skin, and beauty. Make sure that you are able to cater to their needs with the right treatments, products, and specials.