Skin Coaching Tips: Types of Peels 

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Peels are still incredibly popular – they are the third most requested service in the skincare industry! But you have to know your peels and what treatments are best for your individual clients.

Before you choose a peel for your client, think of their needs: will they benefit from exfoliation or from a tightening treatment?

In this post, we’ll cover three different types of peels and how they work: enzyme peels, chemical peels, and oxygenating peels. 

Enzyme Peels 

Fruit enzymes are key to giving your clients the smooth skin they crave. Enzymes break down keratin, which is the protein that forms a protective barrier on the skin. This process smoothes out the skin and prevents wrinkles.

If clients come in looking to exfoliate, remove age spots, or tighten fine lines, direct them to Image Skincare’s lovely list of enzyme peels.


This peel uses fruit enzymes, along with Vitamin C and aloe vera, to brighten dull skin and reduce acne. Clients with redness-prone and oily skin, as well as those whose smoke, can really benefit from this peel.

Chemical Peels

Aging clients are most likely to come to you with complaints of loose skin and stubborn wrinkles. The culprit is collagen – the most abundant protein in the body and the reason skin stays so tight. As the body ages, our collagen levels start to decrease and skin becomes looser.

Chemical peels support the production of collagen in the skin. These peels are Image Skincare’s signature line of peels – they’re perfect for any client who is looking to decrease the effects of aging and tired skin.

Peel Spotlight: I PEEL | WRINKLE  LIFT®

This classic option blends a combination of glycolic acid and retinol to reduce fine lines and prevent stubborn wrinkles from becoming more prominent on the face.

Oxygenating Peels

Maybe your client just feels like their skin is dull. It feels heavy from years of smoking, living in a smoggy city, or feeling stressed.

Oxygenating peels offer the solution. This range of peels unclogs pores and gives each client a quick and healthy glow.

Peel Spotlight: I PEEL | O2 LIFT®

Does your client have a special event coming up? Do they want to treat themselves? This treatment may be the best option.

The O2 lift contains a brightening combination of oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, peptides, and a high concentration of enzymatic botanicals. Your clients will leave feeling luminous and refreshed.

Need a Peel Refresher? 

Want to check out the full list of Image Skincare peels? Download this digital menu with details on all of our exciting options!

For more in-depth information on peels, contact NewMed Concepts for information on how to set up a free one-hour live video conference. During this conference, we will offer customized information based on your familiarity with peels and your client base.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get expert advice, so you can be ready this season for leading edge peels. Peels are the gateway to super success.