What is Your Spa or Etsy Business Doing to Promote Skin Cancer Awareness?

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Skin Cancer Awareness Month shines a light on skincare, and in this business, the discussion comes at the perfect time of year–just when your clients begin thinking about short flights to long weekends on the beach.

Fortunately, gone are the days when a sunburn was considered “a healthy glow.” Furthermore, our clientele now has years of education on the most common causes of skin cancer.

While this makes our jobs a little easier, it is still such an important conversation to have while your clients are in the chair. The breakdown for many spa and esty patrons lies in the development of a real and regular prevention routine.

This is right where you can snag one more opportunity to drive home this message of skin protection…and your business stands to benefit in return. Here are a few ideas for how…

Help Clients Prepare While They Are in Your Chair

No matter how careful we are, most of us sustain some damage from the sun consistently. And no skin regimen offers 100-percent protection. Besides the very real cancer-related concerns, these gaps can lead to dark spots, wrinkles, and uneven skin texture.

Talk to your clients while they are seated with you about the skin damage you see and remind them what it can lead to. Then offer the remedies to repair and protect their skin as well as to enhance their skin’s overall appearance.

How about you create a Limited Time Offer near the end of Skin Cancer Awareness Month based on one of the specialized Summer facials or peels discussed at NewMed Concepts’ Motivational Monday webinar on May 3rd?

Or if you already have certain high-revenue solutions proven to renew skin damaged by exposure, that will work too! But remember to make recommendations for protecting clients’ skin on that next trip to the beach as well.

Send Home Protection for Clients’ Fun in the Sun

Coach your clients to cover themselves when they are enjoying the outdoors. Provide suggestions for key SPF products like IMAGE Skincare’s PREVENTION+ daily moisturizer. Even the RONERT MD restoring lip collagen enhancer comes in SPF 15.

But the fun doesn’t have to stop there. Clothing and hats have come a long way in protecting from UV rays. So maybe take advantage of the trend and apply your brand logo tastefully to a few fun-in-the-sun items?

  • Sunglasses
  • Wide-brim hats
  • Bandanas (to tie around often-burnt necks)

They could be utilized as giveaways to clients in a variety of promotion types, or could possibly serve as an altogether new revenue stream throughout the summer.

Or even a branded tote packed with a handful of samples of your favorite make-up, moisturizers, and lotions containing SPF. The possibilities are endless!

Invite Them to Book an Appointment Now for After Their Trip

A great way to keep up the momentum beyond Skin Cancer Awareness Month is to encourage clients who intend to travel during the summer to book a follow-up visit now for another skin repair treatment when they return.

Perhaps there’s an incentive with pre-booking that after-care appointment? You could provide a sample size of IMAGE AGELESS total repair creme to use while they are on vacation. Or offer a discount on their follow-up treatment.

Education and Empowerment with NewMed Concepts

Ultimately, skin cancer awareness is something that is just as important today as when the first big efforts were made to fight it in the late 1970s.

So while at this point, we do have the challenge of message fatigue, pairing the statistic with fresh promotions and actionable items will go a long way to instill good prevention habits in your clients.

For more help developing exciting ways to educate and empower your clients in actively protecting themselves from skin cancer, send Gayle a message!