Why Retail Is Key to Greater Revenue for Spas and Estheticians During the Holidays

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You know as well as we do that your clients are coming to you with a single common goal in mind — positive results. We also know that the products you carry are exactly what they need to add longevity to the work you perform on-site.

Because of this, understanding how to best leverage your retail offerings is just as important as delivering outstanding service at the initial treatment. This is especially true as the industry continues adjusting to the challenges faced in 2020.

Below, we’re going to detail more specific reasons why retail is a key revenue generator for your spa or esty business, and a few pointers for leveraging the holidays to continue stabilizing your bottom line in such a rollercoaster year.

Retail Has Always Been Key to Beauty Biz Success

The product lines you carry in your spa or esty studio have always had the potential to add value to your business — in more ways than one. Just a few benefits they offer you include:

Increasing Cash Flow

Business owners who have tapped into this revenue stream understand what we mean. Higher retail sales not only mean greater profits, they also allow for a larger spend on newer and better treatment products and equipment. It is hands-down the easiest way for you to increase overall cash flow around your business so you can grow and expand.

Maintaining Treatment Results

The results you can achieve in-chair last longer when you and your client work together on an in-home maintenance care plan. Why would you want this? Because when it works, it builds trust and appreciation from your clients. They’ll feel like you have their best interests at heart rather than just trying to get them in for their next treatment. But when you sell the products, you get the best of both worlds.

How do you do it? Building a consult into the end of each appointment is an easy way to lead into retail. When you are familiar with what products work best to achieve those lasting results your client wants, you have more control over client satisfaction.

Leveraging Brand Recognition

What’s even more valuable (and, as it happens, less calculable) is aligning your business with the right brands. IMAGE Skincare, for instance, has worked hard to build an amazing reputation with consumers. Offering the best in skincare allows your clients to become ambassadors for your businesses without even trying.

The latest, greatest treatment offerings, giving your clients lasting results, sending them home with products they feel proud to share — this combination almost always directly translates to both client base and sales growth.

Maintaining (Or Increasing) Momentum Over the Holidays

Now, by default, your retail shelves were likely the fastest-growing segment of your business after pandemic-mandated shutdowns. Keeping that momentum up through the upcoming holiday season could be what saves your annual revenue reporting this year!

Find three quick tips below on how to ensure you’re on the right track going into the 2020 holiday season:

  • If you don’t already have a way to participate in online retail sales, jump on it now. E-commerce sales are predicted to explode this holiday season. You don’t need anything complicated, but you definitely need an online retail presence. Don’t miss this huge opportunity.
  • We are nearly a third of the way through the fourth quarter. If you haven’t already, start your end-of-year promotions now. It’s never too early to begin getting your clients to think about the holidays and what you can do to make their gift-giving experience the best it can be!
  • Check out NewMed Concept’s past holiday marketing posts for initial ideas, and schedule a consult on how to adapt them to your 2020 promotional plans in November, December, and January.