5 Tips for Marketing Yourself Effectively as a Solo Esty

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More freedom. Less pressure from supervisors. A schedule that fits your lifestyle.

There are many benefits to opening a solo esthetician business, but many find there is one challenge they didn’t face when they worked at a spa or salon: marketing.

Estheticians who fly solo often feel like they have two jobs: that of a skincare expert and a marketing guru. But creating and implementing a marketing strategy doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Here are 5 tips to make marketing an effective and profitable process.

1. Budget in Your Marketing Time

Solo estheticians may find themselves putting in long hours building an email list, creating social media content, or following up with past clients in order to schedule repeat visits. Don’t let this time sneak up on you.

At the beginning of the month, schedule a few hours to dedicate strictly to gaining new clients and establishing your brand. This may require you to adjust what you charge clients, but it will allow you to book more clients and earn more competitive rates as you grow.

2. Establish Set Rates

Make sure your rates are clear and established before you book clients. If you budget for a number of clients at one rate… but end up charging less, you won’t meet your yearly sales goals.

When you set rates, consider the following factors:

  • What are your competitors charging?
  • What value can you put into your services vs. your competitors?
  • What rates are necessary for you to cover taxes, benefits, and continuing education? What other costs will you have to cover for expenses?

If you have questions, talk to fellow estheticians or coaches who specialize in negotiation.

3. Consider Your “Brand”

Clients don’t just book services – they support a brand. A strong brand message will help your clients get excited about your business, make more informed purchasing decisions, and refer you to friends who are more likely to vibe with your business.

Branding doesn’t just involve a logo or colors. It includes the entire message you communicate to clients about your services. Think about:

  • What sets you apart? What are your specialties?
  • Are you budget-friendly or high-end?
  • What is your style? What kind of atmosphere do you offer?

If you decide to invest in ads on social media, Google, or other channels, your brand message will help you write the ads and target them to the right audience.

4. Focus Your Efforts

Your website, social media updates, blog posts, newsletters, automated emails, ads, and the list goes on! Taking advantage of all available marketing channels can seem like a daunting task. So, start by focusing on a few.

Your website and email list are crucial. Put those on your top priority list. And then slowly add other marketing strategies into the mix.

For example, set up one new social media account every month. After a few months, you’ll have them all! (Bonus tip: you can use a scheduling tool such as Hootsuite to schedule updates to all of the major social networks at once.)

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Take Risks

There are many marketing strategies that estheticians can take on to build a client base and encourage client retention. Do not be afraid to try something new! Testing out new marketing strategies will give you the best idea of what resonates with your client base and what will help you stand out.

Good luck and enjoy this new adventure!