5 Tips for Getting 5-Star Reviews for Your Spa

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Even the most successful spas around are hugely dependent on what their customers say about them. Quite simply, positive reviews get you business, and the most successful spas are those with numerous, genuine 5-star reviews.

Reviews go beyond stating the services you provide. They show other facets of your spa, like how it feels at your spa. This type of detail helps people connect and picture themselves getting that same great experience.

So, how do you get those amazing reviews?

You have to SHINE!

  • S – Show that you care
  • H – Have your ducks in a row
  • I – Innovate
  • N – Never take your clients for granted
  • E – Display elegance

Show That You Care

There are probably several other spas in your area that offer the same general services that you do. This means you need to make your spa stand out.

How? Clients will come to you if you can provide better care and comfort than they receive in other spas.

That means having a real love for what you do – and making sure that comes through in your interactions with your clients. Taking the time to learn not only your craft and products, but specific clients’ needs and wants – as well as what they don’t like.

Have Your Ducks in a Row

For a spa that’s looking for 5-star reviews, there’s absolutely no room for a bad day. You must always be ready to give each guest excellent service every time they walk into your spa. This calls for extreme preparedness.

Make sure that you are always on top of things, including your staff, spa equipment, and products. And always have contingency measures ready in case something unexpected happens.


It’s up to you to go above and beyond to satisfy your clients’ needs and prove that you deserve a 5-star rating. In addition to keeping pace with the trends and advancements in the spa and beauty scene, spa owners should also be willing to innovate and show creativity in the way they do things.

Innovation and creativity – done right – set you apart from other spas and positively enhance customer experience.

Never Take Your Clients for Granted

Try to visualize your spa from your guest’s point of view. Would you go there if it wasn’t your business? Why? Why not? What would make you change your mind?

Always strive to give your customers better service than they would expect from your spa. Remember that the worst thing you can ever do is make your clients feel like you don’t care about their experience.

Display Elegance

Guest comfort and appreciation increase tremendously when the treatment they receive is offered with elegance and grace.

That doesn’t mean you have to install a bunch of expensive fixtures or something like that. If you look up the actual definition of elegance, there are a number of things mentioned that don’t have to have anything to do with money: graceful, stylish, simple, neat, ingenious.

So, elegance can be an attitude. A mission statement. A reminder to keep things streamlined and clean and respectful while you continue to provide the great service your clients expect.

Follow these tips and clients will be seeking you out to write glowing reviews!