How to Create a Holiday Gift Guide for Your Spa – Plus FREE Template

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As savvy spa business owners, you know the holiday season is the most “shoppable” time of year, and the time is now to begin planning. Today, we want to give you a head start by sharing a customizable template for a holiday gift guide your clients will love.

You just need a free account on Canva, a simple online graphic editor. Here is the holiday gift guide template to get you started! Then study the tips below to help you customize it based on your spa’s product offerings and your specific clientele.

In a hurry? You can also use Image Skincare’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide[LINK TO PDF]!

Tip #1: Study Your Sales Data

When generating sales reports, we recommend pulling the data in several different ways. Here are a few key questions your sales data should answer:

What are my top sellers?

Which items would make great holiday gifts?

Who are my shopper segments (think gender, age, lifestyle, etc.)?

This exercise makes it easier to see what gift items will be most successful in your guide, and who is most likely going to buy them.

Tip #2: Make Developing Your Gift Guide a Team Effort

Remember, your staff often has more insight into your patients’ wants and needs than you. After all, it’s why you hired them – to get personal with and to take good care of your clients!

So consider what their favorite products and treatments are and what they would like to see in the guide this year.

Tip #3: Ask Your Clients What’s On Their Wish Lists

The other important resource? Your clients, themselves! Current clients are most likely to be responsible for the majority of purchases directly from your gift guide. Be sure to ask them:

a) what they might want in the guide for themselves, and

b) what they think would make great gifts for their friends and family

You can do this via email or social media poll – wherever you already reach them on a regular basis is probably best.

Tip #4: Get Creative with Your Holiday Selections

So, now you know what products should sell well and who’s going to buy them, and you have a list of fan favorites directly from your staff and clients.

Time to get creative and make your selections!

Less is More

Try featuring no more than a dozen items/groupings in your guide. Research shows that too many choices can lead a consumer to decide against buying anything at all.

You want just enough options to reach your primary segments, plus one or two more.

Tap Your Market Segments

We’ve seen groupings like the “Sleep Deprived Mama” that includes items such as Image Skincare’s laser-cut pearlized eye pouch, revitalizing serums, and overnight masques.

If you have a large base of male clients, consider creating a “Gift Box for Guys.”

Have Fun With It

The holidays can be hard. So talk about it – and how your gifts can help!

For instance, Image Skincare is touting a “Weary Traveler” hydrating collection to recharge and replenish dehydrated skin associated with traveling.

Maybe your client survey revealed that they splurge on gifts to themselves to help manage the stress. With a wink and a nod, maybe there’s a special grouping for them.

There are endless ways to tailor this holiday gift guide template in order to make your fourth quarter successful. We’re sending out your PDF template early enough in the season so you can carve out the time needed to develop an insightful gift guide that will garner visible sales increases.

For new spa businesses, this process may be completed in a few days. If your business is thriving, and you hardly have time to think, plan on fitting dedicated time slots into your schedule for this project. Information gathering may take you a couple of weeks.

As you work through your customization, remember, we are always here to provide guidance and suggestions based on your spa business goals. Just reach out!

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