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What an incredible experience it was to assist in launching the new Image products, Thuy the distributor is a most gracious host. Thuy had produced an event unlike anything I have ever seen in my long aesthetic industry career.

I was so proud to be part of this outstanding event and honored to be a special guest speaker to introduce the new Image products.

I had the privilege to visit an aesthetic school and a couple of spas. We have a lot to learn from the Vietnamese culture in aesthetics.

The following is an experience I will never forget.

The Vietnamese people are warm and welcoming. Their service is what truly inspired me. The attention to detail is a reminder that there are many ways we increase value and create a unique client experience.

It is the little things that take a service from being average to unforgettable. Adding only a minute or two of extra special care can be what makes a client keep coming back for more.

How you are greeted sets the tone for your experience. This is not something you can easily tell a provider to do. It something that comes from the heart and it radiates to the other person. After all we are comprised of energy and our energy field is said to radiate out to ten feet.

I believe most of us entered the field of wellness and aesthetics because we love helping others and have a passion for what we do.

Does your passion for this art shine through to your guests? How do people see you? 

The famous song “you had me at hello” never rang more true than at the spa.

Being greeted by a special blend of tea in a small porcelain cup even though I did not ask for it set the scene on my spa journey. It was a warm relaxing ginger blend to soothe and detox. I did not have to prepare that for myself. There is something about being served that makes it even more special.

I had a moment to sip my tea while finishing paper work. I was lead gently back to my warm treatment room. The bed had elegant and simple linens and towels draped with a tray of flowers on the bed.  A chair with a large bowl on the floor with more flowers in the bowl along with a tray of lemon grass and a small tincture of salts and cinnamon lay next to it on the floor.

Once in my robe and slippers I was asked to sit in the chair and the aesthetician added warm water and soaked my feet in with the flowers. She crushed the lemon grass and added to the soak so the aroma filled the air. Then added the cinnamon to the water and the salt she rubbed as an exfoliate to stimulate circulation and refresh my feet and calves. Rinsing with a old fashioned ladle.

She guided me to the table we’re I lay face down and through the face cradle I could see more lovely flowers floating in a bowl and the fragrant essence greeting me as if I stepped into a field of white roses. I could go on and on about each incredible massage technique in the all body salt scrub, massage, and facial. What it came down to though was the intent the therapist has with each movement, each transition, I could tell she put her heart and soul into her work and wanted it to be the best treatment she could provide. She checked in with me in the beginning to see how the pressure was and actually adjusted it to suit me. Which she did precisely as I has requested. It is rare that a provider in North America actually adjusts the pressure when you ask. When they don’t adjust it what does that really say to the client? They don’t care or they don’t have the expertise?

The things that stood out that set these services apart did not take up that much time if any more time than other treatments I have experienced. It is the energy the intent of the provider and the little extra touches to involve all the senses. Not having self serve but being served by your greeter can set a completely different tone.

It takes practice being present. We multitask, have many duties and responsibilities and are pressured to turn a room over quickly to make more money. There is balance though at work. I think you would agree that if we truly are present and our intention was to give that authentic experience to each client we would not have to worry. The word would spread that you have the most amazing experience treatments and products. You will be sought after for going the extra mile.

What is your energy radiating?

What sets you apart in this highly competitive field?  

I would love to hear from you. Please join our forum 1st Monday of the month staring October 1st 8:00-9:00am. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

In gratitude,