Upselling Your Clients for a Better Spa Experience

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Upselling your clients is one of the most important aspects of the spa experience when it is done properly.

It is a technique to sell products and/or services to existing customers. For aesthetic industry professionals, this is a premier way to build luxury and loyal clients. It helps your clients maintain and enhance the benefits they receive from their treatment by continuing the work at home. Intentional product recommendations are just as valuable as the treatment itself.

While you would love for your clients to come in for weekly treatments, the reality is most people do not have the resources and time to do so. Even monthly treatments may not be enough to achieve and maintain the results your clients are after. Which is why product recommendations for at-home skin care and maintenance are equally important. By adding or enhancing a treatment it helps your clients get better results, maximize their experience with you and bond with you and your spa in a premium way.


Upselling can be an excellent strategy to drive growth because:

(According to Forbes advisor)

  • The cost of attracting new customers is five times the cost of retaining existing ones.
  • Existing customers are 50% more likely to try a new product.
  • Existing customers spend 31% more than new customers.
  • The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 to 70%, while a new prospect is 5 to 20%.

Think of upselling like this… How can I enhance the client experience? How can I get the best possible result? You have two opportunities to enhance the experience. First, in the treatment room and then in their self-care regime. Both are incredibly important and go hand in hand. Here are simple ways you can add value and heighten the spa experience with upselling your clients to an existing treatment without adding excessive time, energy, or expense on your part.

  • Include the neck, décolleté, arms, feet, or hands (don’t forget hands age too and the product cost is minimal, especially with peels).
  • Eye and lip treatment during facial and/or peel. You can add this quick, indulgent treatment to almost any service.
  • Hot towels on the feet with luxurious 1 min massage with aromatherapy oils feels like heaven!
  • Don’t forget aromatherapy, hot stones, glass globes, stone rollers, LED therapy, and superficial needling can be additional luxury experiences during your services.

The prices you choose for these upsells will vary depending on products, amount used, and additional time allotted, if any. Remember to explain the benefits and value of upgrading their service. If you would want that upgrade for yourself and are thrilled about it, clients will want it too.

It is not uncommon for a salon or spa to pressure their staff to push product sales, but there is a huge difference between lovingly making a recommendation and pressuring a client for a sale. Upselling is an integral part of your client’s spa experience, when you do it right.

Here are some proven tips for upselling your clients so they do not walk out empty handed:

Share, Know and Sell Your Products!

Spa gurus suggest that half of a spa’s total sales should come from retail. Be sure you have 1-2 products that you used in your upsell service that they can continue using at home. Like a masque, eye or lip product stocked ready at check-out to extend the results of the treatment that day.

Which skincare products can clients pick up on their way out the door?

Do you have a pocket-sized, best-selling item right next to your payment processor? How are you advertising specials and promotions to your clients – both before and after treatments? Boosting overall spa sales can be as easy as rearranging your merchandise or training yourself and your team with proper product knowledge.  

Hone Your Advertising Message

Let’s say you want to focus on anti-aging. You can simultaneously capture older adults and younger clientele at the same time when you work to rebrand your messaging approach toward aging. For your younger clientele, remind them they can age later, and promote your products that help with prevention like Vitamin A, Peptides, antioxidants, brightening agents and SPF everyday! 

For your older clientele, offer progressive products that will help them reverse the signs of aging, dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles like exfoliants, AHA’s, retinols, peptides, antioxidants, brightening agents and SPF.

When you hone your monthly retail advertising message, and target specific clients with proper product knowledge, you will begin to upsell without even realizing it. 

Add-ons and Upsells

The more the merrier is not just true when it comes to parties! Add-ons can take clients’ results and excitement to the next level.  Add-ons must be easy to purchase and available for the client to set up as soon as they book the treatment, enter the spa, or even enter the treatment room. This includes both additional treatments and products. If possible, create a bit of a time buffer around their initial treatment so adding an upgrade is a smooth and easy process that won’t interfere with your next client. 


Luckily, upselling your clients in the retail area of your spa is easy. For example, suggest a powerhouse trio that you love to use at home. Our three favorites are eye crèmes, masques, and exfoliants! When you genuinely connect with your client and build trust, upselling their services and adding items becomes second nature. Upselling is not easy for everyone at first, so be sure to train your staff on how to upsell throughout the purchasing process. 

Remember, there is a vast difference between lovingly making a recommendation and pressuring a client for a sale. Upselling can be a beautiful part of your client’s spa experience, when you do it right. If you aren’t sure where to begin, reach out today to schedule a meeting with Gayle or check out our coaching offerings to discover how to make more money in your spa!