How to Hire Spa Employees in This Tough Job Market

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If you are a spa or beauty business owner, it may feel like the hiring process is harder than ever. And you’re not wrong. You’re also not alone. 

In a post-pandemic economy, the hardest hit industries were customer service with hospitality and food service jobs down in staffing at an estimated 20% rate. But with a boom of customers returning to in-person services, the demand to hire spa employees is back up again. 

So how do you find, hire and retain great staff for your spa business in this tough market? It takes some willingness to reflect on your company’s culture and make sure it’s the kind of place employees want to work. Here’s some ways to get started. 

Identify Your “Brand”

It’s important to cultivate a brand and culture around your salon that reflects your unique style and business goals. Take a step back and examine your business from the outside. Do you have a clear aesthetic and experience that elevates your treatments and spa offerings? 

If you would want to be a client at your spa, you are on the right track. Remember, a spa that attracts clients will also attract employees. And the more excitement and buzz you can generate around your salon “brand,” the more interest there will be.

Why the Current Climate to Hire Spa Employees is Hard

As you reflect on your company’s culture, it’s important to understand why the hospitality industry has a nationwide staff shortage

While there’s no one answer, know that some of your candidates may be struggling with:

  • Lack of childcare 
  • Personal healthcare challenges 
  • Recent career change
  • Shifting family dynamics as a result of COVID-19

Consider different ways your business can help offset some of these stressors for potential hires. 

Can you offer flexible scheduling for employees with children or medical needs? Or can you offer on-the-job speciality training and certifications for employees who are new to the spa industry but hardworking and eager to learn? And are there areas where you can cut corners so you can offer your staff competitive pay?

When you incentivize employees and are compassionate to their needs, they are more likely to want to stay with your business.

Actively Recruit

As a business owner, it’s savvy to always be recruiting even if you don’t know when you’ll need a new hire. That way, you always have interested applicants and can hopefully have options when it comes to hiring new staff. 

Recruitment should be a priority, and there are many ways to do it. Posting jobs on indeed or craigslist is fine, but consider other platforms targeted at the beauty industry like

And tradeshows, spa mixers and conventions are also an excellent way to spread the word about your business and career opportunities. 

Prioritize Training 

When it comes to retaining new staff, on-the-job training and opportunities for career and skill advancement help tremendously. And on the flipside, staff who feel confused in their role or under challenged are less likely to stay loyal to your business.

New hire training with clear communication and detailed job expectations (staff handbooks and spa software  are great tools for this) can help set everyone up for success. 

And when you create opportunities for growth like peer mentoring and professional development workshops, a sense of confidence and teamwork will grow among your staff. 

Outsource Help

When it comes to finding new hires or creating staff handbooks and training, it’s more than ok to outsource. Let NewMed Concepts support you on your journey to being your best entrepreneurial self. Connect with us today and let’s get started!