Help Spa Staff Training Stick with these Tips & Tricks!

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Excellent employees are the backbone of any good business. But they’re especially essential to a great spa that revolves around a high-quality customer experience.

As a spa owner, you understand the value of a great team. Well, part of that is making sure your spa staff training is at its best. Great training can increase staff skills, boost employee (and client!) retention, and improve the overall workplace dynamic.

So, what are some secrets to help spa staff training stick? Let’s take a look!

Know Your Needs

The first step to great spa staff training? Pinpoint the must-know information for a new employee. Start with an outline of the essential knowledge and skills. Then build outward.

As you build a strong training program, consult with any pre-existing staff to pinpoint information related to:

  • How to run the spa smoothly
  • How to execute tasks with maximum efficiency and competency
  • How to prioritize great customer experience

Consider creating a new hire handbook or manual that breaks down all the relevant information for your spa staff. Make the information concise and digestible, and focus on all areas of the business that staff will engage with: front facing customer service, financials, treatments and spa services, and safety and hygiene protocols – especially as they relate to COVID.

Also, invite space for discussion and queries with new hires. You don’t want staff moving forward if there’s basic information they don’t understand or gaps in their knowledge. Make sure they know they can come to you with questions and needs.

Optimize Your Training Equipment

Additionally, know what type of tools and equipment your staff will need to maximize training. Consider things like:

  • Laptops or iPads for training
  • Educational spa software
  • A space where staff can go study or practice treatments
  • Any educational books or guides
  • Sample products
  • Handouts and checklists of protocols and must-know info

Utilize Different Teaching Tools

Not everyone learns the same. Some people are auditory learners, while others are visual and some are hands-on! In fact, many people need all three modalities to truly master a skill.

Using different teaching tools should be a key part of your spa staff training. Because spa jobs, by nature, require multiple skill sets. Consider utilizing some of the following in your training, individually or combined:

  • Handbooks
  • Manuals
  • Videos
  • Virtual workshops
  • Hands-on demonstrations
  • E-learning platforms
  • Industry expert led Q&A’s

Consider Different Personality Types

In addition to different learning styles, it’s good to know your teams’ unique personality types. For many, this greatly impacts how they learn, do their job, and work alongside others. Most people fall into one of these three categories:

  1. Type A personalities are often independent, entrepreneurial, and seeking change and growth. They are go-getters who might enjoy mentoring and leading others.
  2. Type B personalities tend to be sensitive but social, and enjoy group work and a collaborative dynamic. They thrive with praise and feedback.
  3. Type C personalities are logical and the most detail-oriented of the three types. They require routine and structure and often prefer to work alone, making them ideal at managing important solo tasks like budgets and bookkeeping.

You can also offer personality tests for your staff as a fun workshop and open discussion. Or have them create “self-manuals” to share with fellow employees, pinpointing any strengths and weaknesses and how they work best.

Promote Leadership with Team Teachers

Want to train your staff and create great leaders in your spa? Consider a team teaching program! Each of your employees has their own areas of expertise and skillsets. Make the most of your staff’s strengths by having your seasoned employees pass on their knowledge and skills.

Give them the freedom to create their own program or provide them with outlines and support. But be sure to offer incentives and help them feel empowered in their teaching role.

Get Creative!

You know your business and your staff best. What works for one team isn’t going to work for another, so it’s important to tap into your intuition and creativity when designing your spa staff training.

Don’t be afraid to make it fun! Unique training experiences will be more memorable for your team. They also help knowledge stick more than a humdrum approach to teaching key info. And offering opportunities for socialization as part of your training helps employees develop genuine relationships with their co-workers. It also helps deepen their connection to the workplace and make them want to come to work every day. And who doesn’t want that?

Still struggling with developing the perfect spa staff training program for you and your team? Let us help! In addition to our other coaching and certification programs, NewMed offers spa staff training programs. Reach out to us today!