The NewMed Concept: Your Salon Clients Deserve a Six-Sense Experience

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It’s true, every amazing spa experience starts the moment a client walks through your door. From start to finish, your goal is to have your salon clients feeling relaxed, rejuvenated…and eager to return.

But have you ever actually walked through your clients’ experience and taken inventory on their sensory tap? Are you creating those micro-moments throughout their appointment? Are you touching on all of their five senses?

If you’re not putting yourself in your clientele’s place, you’re skimming over arguably the most important element of all–your own intuition!

This is the NewMed Concept of cultivating that “Six-Sense Experience.” Let’s take a closer look at how tuning into your intuition to evaluate the five-sense client experience at your spa business can set the stage for attracting your ideal clients.

Giving Your Salon Clients a Six-Sense Spa Experience

It is a scientifically proven fact that our senses are inextricably tied to both our memories and our well being.

So when you tap into the mind-body connection for your salon clients through their senses, you help them to more quickly achieve a state of relaxation and rejuvenation. You hold them captive right there in the present moment. And they won’t be able to help but keep coming back!

Walk through your physical space with your eyes wide open. Pinpoint what you think you are conveying about your brand through sight.

Your color schemes, design aesthetic, the appearance of your staff. Even the lighting and arrangement of retail products can change a mood.

Are you relaxed? What can you do if not?

Then, try sitting in your spa or salon blindfolded. That’s right. Blindfolded. Sit down and breathe it all in, literally.

The sense of smell is the sense proven to be the most strongly tied with memory. This kind of research was the basis of the aromatherapy (and now essential oils) boom!

So what do you smell when you’re sitting in your spa or salon? Is your ideal client going to melt into pure relaxation? Is there a way for you to make sure they do?

Think about the other three senses. Get intuitive with sound, touch, and yes! Even taste.

Pro Tip! Let your clients carry that lovely sensory experience home. Find ways to sell those products that recreate your unique spa experience!

Once that’s done? Here’s how to harness the power of your sixth sense on the back end of your business…

Tapping into Your Business Intuition on the Backend

At NewMed Concepts, we want to help you harness the power of your sixth sense and use it to build the aesthetics practice of your dreams.

This has been the very foundation of our new Client Attraction Program, in development this year. Be sure to join our email list to be the first to know when it launches!

Until then, practice developing your business intuition. You’ve already begun simply by thinking about your own unique sensory experiences. Now follow the next three guidelines so that you know where to apply your intuition and work toward making your aesthetic business a success:

Your Self: Practice Looking Inward

One of the best ways to develop your intuition is to find some self-awareness practices that work for you and create a routine.

You’ve probably heard that journaling, meditation and mindfulness techniques can help you to look inward and start listening to your inner voice. So why not apply these techniques to your business too?

They are excellent ways to help you stay calm and grounded when the minutiae of being a business owner feels like it’s getting the best of you!

Your Business: Understand Your Purpose

Murky vision on the true purpose of your business breeds doubt. Second-guessing your intuition often leads to making choices you could later regret. Creating a mission statement for your business is a great place to start. Establishing who you are, what you’re doing and why is the first step to naturally strengthening your business intuition.

The next step? Pinpointing your ideal client. If you need help, “You Got This!” might be a great resource for you.

Your Future: Let Your Ideas Breathe

When you hear the voice in the back of your mind telling you that a new idea you have for a service or product is perfect for you and your ideal clients, let the concept breathe! Don’t automatically dismiss it because…

  • There’s no time.
  • No budget.
  • No resources or staff to do it.

Just trust your hunch for a moment. Flesh out the idea and then spend some time working the data to see if there might be a way to make it happen. Your big idea may be the key differentiator you need for success!

Practicing Intuition-Building Daily…Makes Perfect

As you consider the sensory experiences you offer–or should be offering–it is totally normal to become overwhelmed. But like any muscle, the more your practice, the more you strengthen your intuition.

Creating your perfect wellness practice for both you and your salon clients takes time and reflection. It is important to go slow in the beginning. It should be a creative and joyful process to incorporate the six senses.

And trust us. You will get faster, become more confident, and make more accurate decisions for your business over time.

Let NewMed Concepts help you on your entrepreneurial journey and visit our website today to explore our programs, certifications and free resources created with you in mind.