Holiday Marketing Tips for 2017

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Are you prepared for retail sales this 2017 holiday season?

– According to the National Retail Federation sales are up 3.6% – 4% overall.

– Beauty retailers have had a 6% – 24% increase over last year.

– A survey by Market Track found that 49% of shoppers have the majority of their holiday shopping done by Thanksgiving Day.

You still have time.

Follow Gayle’s 7 Holiday Pro-Tips to help you maximize your retail sales.

  1. Set up a point of purchase holiday display. Get Christmas med-spa retail display ideas from Pinterest.
  2. Gift cards, create attractive displays and deals clients won’t want to pass up with your gift cards. Offer them in all your advertising venues.
  3. Take your cues from the big boys, check out what some of the giants do for holiday ideas. Scale down the ideas and/or get inspired by them for the latest trends.
  4. Holidays bring back memories and nostalgia. Tap into fond holiday visuals, and aromatherapy that put clients in the mood and can trigger purchases.
  5. Group products together. Create festive gift sets for easy purchase.
  6. Latest technology. Is your check out quick and easy? Do you provide multiple ways for clients to pay? Are booking appointments quick and easy? Make sure all transactions with your business go seamless.  Check for updates on your technology.
  7. The number one reason why people shop in brick and mortar stores is for the experience. What is the experience like when a client walks in the door of your medspa? Your staff is your best asset.  Provide education for all staff members on products and services. Every one needs to be on the same page to create the ultimate client experience. Contact your vendors for training support.