Prepare Your Spa or Esty Business for Summer with This Checklist

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Planning ahead is a topic that comes up a lot in conversations around NewMed Concepts. For spa and esty business owners tasked with creating a relaxed environment and teaching about self-care, that can be incredibly difficult.

So many loose ends to manage, even carving out time to plan can seem like a daunting endeavor, but we encourage you to try. And since we’re still several weeks out from the next seasonal shift, now is the perfect time to plan for Summer.

NewMed Concepts has made the job even easier for you as well by developing the easy-to-use checklist below. Think of it as a starting point.

Your Summer Spa Business Checklist

We recommend saving a PDF of this post and keeping it around for reference. Or, if you prefer, print this post out and pin it up somewhere that you will see it every day until you have checked each box!

  • Pull Summer season sales reports for 2020 and 2019
  • Assess which Summer products and services brought in the most revenue for you
  • Plan one additional revenue stream (treatment or service) to your best-sellers for 2021
  • Order and stock your Summer products
  • Schedule your personal business development courses and training
  • Schedule your staff training for Summer products and services
  • Plan your Summer promotions
  • Develop a digital strategy for Summer
  • Create a target list and strategy for expanding your beauty network this Summer

Pro Tip! Remember, this checklist is your starting point! You can springboard from this broad-scope plan by adding specific tasks associated with each overarching assignment.

For example, under “Plan one additional revenue stream…” you can break it down into bitesized tasks like “Review industry trends for Summer 2021,” “Research new Summer skin treatments,” and “Perform ROI analysis on new products or treatments.”

Why is it so important to do this?

Because developing a plan for yourself will help you assess client needs, create focus, make changes where necessary, and stay ahead of the competition.

In the end, even the most basic plan can boost your bottom line — something that will help you save resources, time, and loads of stress.

So plan to spend a day or two of dedicated time figuring out how you intend to grow your spa or esty business this summer. Then, watch how much more smoothly everything runs for you in the coming months.

Get Set Up for Summer Success with NewMed Concepts!

Need more than a checklist to help you out? Pair this checklist with our FREE 2Q2021 marketing calendar for June promo planning ideas, May timing suggestions on summer product training for yourself and staff, and more.

Still not enough? Get detailed strategizing and help fleshing out ideas by reaching out to Gayle to schedule a Summer spa business brainstorming session this month!