Rebrand Aging: Why Spas and Estys Should Pay Attention to Consumers Over 60

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You know that it’s important to advertise your business across the spectrum and target all age groups. Whether it’s through Facebook, Instagram, email, or something else entirely, you put a lot of thought into how to tailor your advertising to draw in customers of all ages.

But what about the treatments you offer?

Beyond marketing, it’s vital to tailor your pitches, your treatments, and even the ambiance you provide to a slice of the population that is only growing: those over 60.

Really? Yes!

Why Baby Boomers Offer a Unique Opportunity

Baby boomers, many of who are over the age of 60, are one of the fastest-growing sectors of the population. When it comes to the beauty industry, this growing population represents a lot of opportunities to grow your business.

First, baby boomers appear to be more focused on self-care. Second, they have higher levels of disposable income to spend on themselves. And lastly, they have far more leisure time to take advantage of all your spa has to offer than people in other age groups.

How Do You Capture Older Adults?

To tap into the niche market of those over 60, you need to utilize some fresh messaging and marketing techniques. A few things to keep in mind to capture this age group include:

Look Past Age Stereotypes

It does no one any good to use stereotypes when marketing to those over 60. Some baby boomers genuinely want to be traditional grandmas, baking and knitting and doting on the grandkids. Others take up second careers. Or travel. Or go back to college. In a million different ways, many lead active lifestyles and want to focus on staying young.

Tailor your marketing messages to include what you feel are the habits and attitudes of your current clients over 60. Don’t alienate them by pigeonholing them — instead, work to build a relationship with them that focuses on meeting their goals, concerns, and needs.

Think About Your Angle

Ask yourself a few questions when thinking about your marketing angles for older adults, such as:

  • What makes up their typical day?
  • What challenges do they face?
  • What social networks or associations do they belong to?
  • How do they like to interact (phone, in person, or by email)?

Answer these questions and it will help you to build the persona of your clients over 60 (in fact, it works for clients of all age groups!). Then you can adapt how you advertise your services and products to get their attention.

Create Unique Offers and Treatments

If you want to capture older adults and work to rebrand your business’s approach to aging, then you need to offer treatments and products specifically for this age group. Advertise them in your newsletters and updates. And don’t be shy in attempting to upsell your treatments with loyalty programs or perks for referring a friend.

If you have a physical business space, make sure it is accessible. When you are inclusive to clients over 60, then you may run into people with mobility issues. Making your space easy to enter and navigate can really help.

Want to find out more about how to rebrand your medspa to attract clients over 60? Contact NewMed for more information!