5 Webinars for North Carolina CE Requirements During the Coronavirus Epidemic

You are currently viewing 5 Webinars for North Carolina CE Requirements During the Coronavirus Epidemic

How often does furthering our education wind up on the back burner amidst the day-to-day of running a business? How much revenue do we miss out on by doing this?

While it’s difficult to stay focused on anything but the immediate impact of this pandemic on your business, with the right perspective you might find a much-needed opportunity.

If you’ve got a lot of downtime right now (and most of us do), use it to cross a required CE credit or two off your to-do list. How? NewMed Concepts is currently providing five on-demand webinars designed and approved for continuing education credit.

Remember, North Carolina spa professionals are required to earn four credits each year! What exactly are we offering?

What Is Melanogenesis?

1 NC Continuing Education Credit | Available Wed 4.28.2020 7 p.m. | $23.98

Learn How to Help Your Clients Achieve an Even Skin Tone

Skin pigmentation results from a complex biological process known as melanogenesis. It requires highly specialized epidermal cells to first produce melanin, then the pigment is subsequently distributed into the epidermal keratinocytes.

This webinar explains the intricacies of this process and which products and treatments maximize clients’ overall skin health and tone.


Facial Mapping

1 NC Continuing Education Credit | Available NOW | $23.98

The Skin is One of the Most Powerful Indicators of Health

Facial features are directly connected to the body’s organs, and subtle changes can be early signs of weakness or imbalance. Learn to watch closely for the signs and to recognize and treat your clients’ minor issues before they become bigger problems. Explore indications and solutions in our Facial Mapping webinar.


Be a Rockstar Extractor

1 NC Continuing Education Credit | Available NOW | $23.98

NewMed’s Secrets for the Ultimate Extractions

Every pre- and post-treatment secret you need to know to perform the ultimate extractions is in this webinar. Massage and lymphatic drainage techniques to reduce toxic build-up. Key tips for taking your common facial to the next level. All with an end goal to deliver exciting, effective results and build your reputation for quality facials.



1 NC Continuing Education Credit | Available NOW | $23.98

A Deep Look at Getting the Most Out of the Masking Trend

Everyone — from movie stars to boardroom execs — is posting #masking selfies, making this one popular Instagram pastime. Skincare lines are leveraging the trend by launching a wave of high-tech masks. In this webinar, you’ll learn the latest options, the science behind them, and what you can do to make the most of this hot new trend, too!


NanoPen Certification

1 NC Continuing Education Credit | Available NOW | $29+Tax

Expand Your Services Menu with NanoPen Certification

This certification class covers the technology behind the NanoPen, the safe and effective protocols for various skin types and conditions, and insights into how to market these services to new and existing clients.

Bonus! For those completing this course with NewMed Concepts, you have the opportunity to take advantage of a full NanoFusion Pen Package, including your first pen and a package of (10) heads for $599.


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