Communicating with Your Spa Team During the Pandemic 

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Just like practically everyone else, spas and beauty businesses have been thrown for a loop in 2020. You can’t open your doors. You can’t treat customers. You can’t even meet with your team!

This leaves estheticians, stylists, and other professionals in the business wondering when their next paycheck will arrive. As a business owner, you have a responsibility not only to your business, but also to your spa team. They want to know how they can support you and ensure that they’ll have a job when all of this is over. They have questions that only you can answer.

Because of this, it is vital that you communicate with them during this time. In fact, you should be communicating with your team more than you have in the past.

Use these tips for communicating honestly and with intention. Coronavirus has created many roadblocks for beauty businesses, but it has also created opportunities to pivot, grow, and reassess your current strategies. Use your team to help you through this and come out stronger together when it’s all over.

What exactly should you do?

Maintain Optimism

People are frustrated with coronavirus. And it’s all too easy to let those frustrations spill over onto your team. But you can’t let your frustrations turn into burnt bridges.

When you update your team, do so with optimism. Remember, no one is at fault for this pandemic. Keep the messages positive and remember that everyone is facing a different struggle during this time.

Disregarding empathy or patience will only drive your team members to look for other jobs or opportunities once the pandemic is over.

Find Ways to Make Them Feel Useful

Your spa team has skills beyond what they bring to the business. This is a great time to inquire about these skills and potentially give out new responsibilities.

Does anyone on your team have experience writing? They could assist you with newsletters or marketing materials. Who has connections in the beauty world? This team member could help put together partnerships — now or in the future. Who has social accounts? Would they be willing to use those accounts to share updates and spread the word about any new initiatives you implement?

Use the resources you have and give team members a reason to stick around and help your business.

Offer Them “Downtime” Opportunities

The pandemic offers spa teams the chance to sharpen their skill, and there are plenty of opportunities for education and training online. Look around for sessions that your team can attend (virtually) and make this a team-building event.

When you reopen, your team will have new skills and a fresh look at how to treat your customers.

Need more help figuring out what to say or how to pivot? Reach out to NewMed Concepts for coaching, resources, and training opportunities!