3 Steps to Booking New Clients for Your Spa or Esty Business

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All spa and esty professionals know that the only way to grow their businesses is by increasing their revenue.

While you will always need to incorporate efforts to maximize revenue among your current client list, there’s only so much each individual client wants or needs. To further boost your bookings and sales beyond that, you need new clients.

Of course, getting new clients is easier said than done. But NewMed Concepts has three easy steps you can implement to put you well on your way to doing just that — without having to offer a discount or sale. Here’s how…

Step 1: Give Potential New Clients a Reason to Connect

These days, it is far easier to connect than ever before. But don’t assume potential clients will automatically seek you out just because you create a bunch of social accounts – in the world we live in today, consumers need a good reason to put in the effort.

That means you need to think about the type of new clients you’d like, then figure out what you have (or can do) that would provide value to them. Choose something you can get excited about like a new product or an abridged version of a full treatment you’ve just added to your menu.

Develop an offer that only new clients can take advantage of, and make it an exchange – that small item (or service) in return for making an initial connection. In other words, ask for their email address. This new line of communication will ultimately become the channel for your new revenue stream.

Pro Tip! 

Always include an end date in your promotions. Just knowing the offer isn’t going to last forever creates a sense of urgency among potential new clients. Those who see it are more likely to act immediately, rather than waiting until they have time (or worse, forgetting about it altogether).

Step 2: Create an Amazing Space for a Target Audience to “Land”

A virtual space, that is. Once you know how you’d like to entice your potential clients, create a landing page on your website for your offer. This page will offer details and have a contact form where the exchange can take place.

On the front end, your page should be beautiful, clean, simple, and easy to use (like your beauty products!). On the back end, you’ll want to utilize a service like Constant Contact that can automatically collect and sort contact information based on promotion and other ways that make sense for your business.

When someone chooses to take you up on your offer (entering their email address), you’ll also want to consider an auto-reply to confirm submission and provide a record of the offer for participants.

Pro Tip!

Never initially ask for more than a name and email address. After all, you wouldn’t want to give your life story on a first date, right? Anything more in-depth at this early stage could cause you to lose the opportunity to really connect.

Step 3: Share Your Exclusive Offer via Social Media

Use every marketing channel you already have in place to share your new-client exclusive deal. That includes linking the new landing page on your professional Facebook and Instagram profiles. Share the link as a “friends and family” opportunity in any upcoming email communication, as well. And make a blog post about it, too!

Be sure your promotional posts clearly detail the offer and time frame, and that participants need to share their email address.

Pro Tip!

Depending on your marketing budget, you may also want to run social media ads for a specific period of time. This will really widen the net you’re casting, while keeping your investment narrowly targeted to a specific area and demographically. There are also tons of free templated apps that can help you create eye-catching ads.

Once you’ve captured an entirely new pool of potential clients, it’s up to you to follow up and ensure they take advantage of the offer you’ve made… and continue building new relationships (and revenue) for your spa or esty business.

If you have any questions or need help deciding what kind of offer makes the most sense for your business, reach out to NewMed concepts for an hour with one of our online business coaching sessions!