4 Spa Promotions to Jumpstart Your Spring Sales

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If your planning for spring sales isn’t already in full swing, don’t despair – there’s still time to develop a few key efforts that will boost your bottom line this spring. Your first stop should be NewMed Concepts’ free printable 2020 Marketing Calendar template for a quick download!

For spring, our two main marketing themes were inspired by the timeless adage “Out with the Old, In with the New.” All of your promotions could revolve around this central idea.

Here are four easy-to-implement promotions that could work for you…

Promotion #1: Host Your “Spring Cleaning” Event

This aligns with the “out with the old” theme. Clear out old inventory by offering mark-downs on skincare products that you no longer plan to carry. You can even tie in your clients’ own beauty regimen by offering an additional percentage off if they bring in their own old or expired products!

We recommend giving yourself two to three weeks to promote a 1- to 2-day event. This allows clients a couple of weekends to carve out time to gather up their own outdated skincare products.

Promotion #2: Clear Clients’ Shelves & Update Skincare Routines

To align with the second half of that old axiom (“in with the new”) you can follow up a spring cleaning event with a promotional rate on services.

Specifically, you can offer a special rate for consultation or other single services that coincide with updating at-home skincare routines. This further incentivizes your clients to “spring clean” their skincare shelves.

Position the CTA as an opportunity for those who missed the spring cleaning event. They can bring in their old products and refresh that skincare routine for 2020!

Promotion #3: Promote an “LTO” to Help Clients Clean Up with Clean Supplements

If you’ve been toying with the idea of expanding your product lines to include dietary supplements, spring is the perfect time to try offering the Hush & Hush line to your clients!

Pass along your professional discount for a limited time (known as a limited-time-offer or LTO) in conjunction with an anti-aging treatment, and approach this promotion as a way for your clients to press the pause button on aging – on the inside and out.

These hand-formulated plant- and herb-based “nutraceuticals” are touted as the purest vitamins available.

Promotion #4: Tie-In with IMAGE Skincare Annual Worldwide Launch Party

Spring is also a time for renewal, and each year IMAGE Skincare hosts its worldwide launch party. This event presents the latest in skincare products and technology, including those products you’ll wind up incorporating into your base treatment packages.

Develop a series of weekly teasers and promotional offers that encourage bookings and referrals for Spring Renewal packages with you.

Prizes could be small mystery sample boxes that are hand-curated based on your winning clients’ profiles. This is also a great way to keep your social platform content fresh. So much fun!

If you have specific spring promotional ideas, but aren’t sure how to implement them, or need help customizing any of these thought-starters, contact NewMed Concepts and talk with an online coach!