Four Revenue-Boosting Ideas for New Year Spa Marketing 

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As you approach the end of the year, look back at how your spa has performed. Have you exceeded expectations? Did you fall short? Are you right on track with your goals?

No matter how 2019 fared for your spa, it’s time to grow and expand. The new year offers exciting opportunities for spas to help their clients develop healthier habits and make positive changes. As more clients decide to come to you for treatments, your spa will gain even more opportunities for growth and expansion.

2020 could be your year! Use these easy ideas to help boost revenue and give your spa more opportunities to grow in the new year – and the new decade!

Have More Staff On Hand During Busy Hours

Spas can lose a lot of revenue by turning away walk-in clients. Keep track of when you’re too busy to handle walk-in clients and observe any patterns that might arise.

Do clients want spontaneous treatments on holidays? In the evenings? When the brunch place next door has happy hour deals?

Adjust your schedule to accommodate clients that would otherwise be turned away (and might not come back).

Use Facebook ads to reach out to clients who went to your site for treatment but couldn’t find open appointments.

Keep Clients In the Know

A last-minute cancellation may lose your spa money, but it also opens up an opportunity for a last-minute client to book a treatment – if they know about it. How can you do that?

Use social media or other platforms as a way to alert your client base of any last-minute openings. Create a “waiting list” for clients who may have been turned away and communicate directly with them when space opens up.

Bottom line – the more you are communicating with your clients, the easier it will be for them to book a treatment.

Upsell Available Upgrades Throughout the Treatment

What upgrades can your clients get for each treatment? When can they make those upgrades?

Add-ons must be easy to purchase and available for the client to set up as soon as they book the treatment, enter the spa, or even enter the treatment room. This includes both additional treatments and products. If possible, create a bit of a time buffer around their initial treatment so adding an upgrade is a smooth and easy process.

This isn’t easy for everyone, so train your staff on how to upsell throughout the purchasing process to make sure they’re communicating about available upgrades at appropriate times.

Motivate Staff to Retain Customers

Estheticians who put the extra effort in while treating customers will be loved in return. Clients who love their esthetician will keep coming back. High customer retention will help your spa boost revenue and keep your estheticians happy.

But it takes more than just a promise to motivate staff to go the extra mile in their treatments. Establish some form of competition or reward for staff members who keep their customers coming back.

Putting in that extra effort to book regular treatments will help to keep your spa full and give you more time to focus on growing your business in other ways.

Plan out these strategies now to implement them starting January 1. Communicate new policies to your staff and clients to keep everyone on the same page as you enter into the new year.