NewMed’s 10 Black Friday Pro tips

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Clients are looking for beauty bargains on Black Friday don’t miss this important opportunity to keep them happy with you and coming back for more.

  1. Start early- survey the spa, check your inventory. Check expiration dates. Collect all overstocked products and products nearing expiration and pile together.
  2. Get in the holiday spirit- decorate and prepare a special space just for your Black Friday promotions (check out Pinterest for ideas). If you don’t have one create a retail area near the cash register. Your relaxation room is ideal for a preview display of the exciting gift packages at check out.
  3. Price tag- make sure all products have MSRP prices on them plus make clear the promotion price as well. Make it worth their while. Buy 2 products get one 50% off. Buy 3 products and get one FREE. Use your Image Holiday kits already discounted make sure the MSRP price and sale price is on the box.
  4. Take the overstock items- pile them high or in decorative basket and offer an extra incentive for those items. Purchase a series of treatments and get one free. Stocking stuffers at 30% off.
  5. Value added- who doesn’t love additional benefits? Add on a luxury hand treatment or upgrade with intensive eye, neck treatment with your service when you purchase products.
  6. Run a competition or raffle leading up to Black Friday on social media. The winner gets a spa treatment. This generates interest and excitement for your spa. Book the prize in January or February when you may be slower.
  7. Open Black Friday 1 week sooner to your VIP or membership guests so they get to shop first before the sale date.
  8. Advertise- use email, fb, text, flyers, and word of mouth to get the word out you have a special VIP once a year Black Friday event with incredible don’t miss deals.
  9. Treat your VIP clients with a surprise complimentary gift for Black Friday. This can be service or product. Use the occasion to build loyalty.
  10. Extend your Black Friday to the day before and continue into Cyber Monday to get the most from your event.

Have fun with the promotion!

Your clients will feel the excitement and generous nature in gift giving from you!