Three Tips for Finding Long-term Success as an Esty

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More and more people are prioritizing self-care by getting the latest skincare treatments with the help of an esthetician. This is great news for estheticians. And from 2014 to 2024, job openings for estheticians are set to grow by 12%!

Unfortunately, not everyone who gets these jobs will stay for longer than a few years. If you envision yourself being an esthetician for the long haul, you’ll need to put a little hustle behind your work and your personal brand.

Follow these tips to help fill your schedule and keep a steady client base for years to come.

Stay on Top of Trends

The beauty industry is always changing. A few years ago, CBD was never mentioned in skincare or beauty blogs. Now, it’s everywhere, including on the lips of many clients.

Before long, you’ll have people coming to you asking if you offer any CBD products or treatments based around CBD. Next year, they could be asking for something completely different.

It’s not enough to educate yourself on what is happening now – successful estheticians are always educating themselves on what is likely to happen next. They get the training and information they need to be prepared to answer their clients’ questions and provide treatments based on the latest trends.

Follow Up With Your Clients

Most skincare treatments require follow-up appointments or regular appointments to touch things up. Luckily, estheticians have many opportunities to follow up with their clients and schedule appointments for one, two, or six months down the line.

But clients don’t always schedule these appointments on their own. So, it’s up to the esthetician to follow up and sell additional treatments.

When and how should you follow up with clients? There are three crucial opportunities:

  • Follow up immediately after a treatment by asking when they would like to come back in for another appointment.
  • Follow up with an email or a phone call soon after the treatment asking for feedback, an online review, and any additional questions they might have about recovery or maintenance.
  • Follow up every few months with news, updates, and sales through an online newsletter.

Beyond this, estheticians should periodically check in with everyone on their client list through newsletters and other updates. If you have a more personal relationship with your clients, we also recommend sending cards around holidays, birthdays, or other events. These personal touches keep your name in your clients’ minds.

Offer Skincare Products to Complement Your Treatments

You use the best products to help your clients achieve their best skin. Make these products accessible even after treatments by having retail space in your spa or office.

Introduce your clients both to products that you used in the treatments and to other products that they can use to maintain fresh and young skin. Many estheticians find that retail quickly becomes an important source of revenue for their business.

Finding long-term success as an esthetician requires drive, motivation, and consistently reaching out to clients and potential clients in order to fill up your schedule. Keep a positive attitude and before long, the work that goes into finding this success will feel natural and comfortable.