How Estys Can Work Fewer Hours – and Make More Money

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Making your own hours, working one-on-one with clients, helping them become the best version of themselves they can be – these are just a few of the reasons we’re all in this amazing line of work together!

So, what if we told you that a little fine-tuning can help increase your cash flow significantly – without forcing you to dedicate a ton more time and energy to your business?

Yes, please!

Capture the Modern Affluent Beauty Consumer

Attracting new beauty clients is obviously the best way to increase your overall income, and if you’re doing any marketing at all, this must be one of your primary goals. But who you focus on going after can make a huge difference.

Know This: Ideally, you want individuals who are going to be willing and able to spend more on your services and products. In other words, the modern affluent beauty consumer.

Who is this person? What are they looking for? The modern affluent beauty consumer wants a quality, holistic beauty experience.

How to Apply It: Adjust your messaging to convey “luxury.” Here are two easy ways to do it:

  • Incorporate Green & Clean Movements. NewMed Concepts already provides partners like you with access to a variety of cleaner, greener, responsibly-sourced products that you can tout as your own!
  • Use Discount Discretion. Luxury clients don’t need a discount. And frankly, they tend to associate “discounts” with lower quality. At least initially. So ditch the discount verbiage. Instead, incentivize in a more private way later – it becomes a nice surprise once they’ve already bought in.

Another great way to get a feel for speaking to the clients you want is to think of a highly successful local-area spa or esthetician that you personally admire and love.

Adapt your marketing to fit your personal brand and messaging, of course, but don’t be afraid to emulate their efforts in your own way.

Charge Clients What You’re Worth

We understand that starting an esty business can be tough. And for a while, any clients are better than no clients. But here’s the thing. In order to sustain that #estylife, you’re going to need more than rolling friends-and-family discounts, and nightly prayer.

Know This: As we alluded to above, luxury clients understand (and live by) the concept “you get what you pay for.” They’re willing to pay more… for better quality, of course.

How to Apply It: Once you’ve got a bit of time under your belt, value your skills in the way they should be valued. You provide services not just anyone can. So make sure your service menu prices reflect what your time is worth.

If you’re already charging solid rates and aren’t interested in a direct price increase, think about expanding revenue streams in other ways:

  • Become a licensed medical esthetician (if it’s already part of your long-term plans, do it sooner!)
  • Learn a new skill (like Nanopen certification) so you can charge more

Another trend you can tap into is the resurgence of the house call! Forgo having a physical location (or add it as an additional service) and travel to clients instead. Clients are always willing to pay more for the convenience and experience of beauty treatments in their own homes. Plus, if you do ditch your physical space, it will save you loads on overhead!

Incorporate Individualized Up-sells for Your Clients

No one wants a great experience to end. So, once your client is in the chair getting wowed, offer to keep the good times rolling with an up-sell or two.

Luxury clients, in particular, are primed for that personal touch of exclusivity. For an offer that only makes sense once an esthetician sees their skin.

Know This: Exclusivity is key for maintaining a luxury client base.

How to Apply It: If it’s just you, this is an easy one to incorporate. Here are a few techniques you can use:

  • Stay in the know on all trending skincare product lines, and when something makes sense for a client, make it an “aha” moment during treatment. Present it as “just the thing” for them. Your client will get as excited about it as you do!
  • Spend a few minutes before appointments reviewing clients’ history. Verbalize considerations you make based on their past beauty treatments and experiences. Then, offer relevant products and services that will spruce up their skincare routine.
  • If you have a specific product promotion, have a sample already waiting with their file so they know its been hand-picked exclusively for them.

If you have staff, it only takes a bit of forethought to put protocol into place and plan a fun day of training on these techniques.

Of course, finding ways to increase your revenue – especially when your schedule is already jam-packed – can be quite intimidating. That’s why NewMed Concepts is here to offer up education, advice, or even just an ear to help you grow. Contact us for more customized assistance!