How to Supercharge Your Holiday Profits With Gift Cards

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But you can help your clients with this dilemma. How? By offering gift cards and gift card packages that they can give to loved ones.

Gift cards aren’t just great for your clients – they’re a winner for your business!


So many reasons. They’re easy to sell, they bring new clients into your spa, and they help to promote different or new treatments year-round.

Use these tips to get the most out of your gift cards this holiday season.

Best Practices for Packaging and Selling Gift Cards

Start By Asking Questions about Your Clients

What current clients will be coming in to buy gift cards for others? Who will be on the receiving end of these gift cards? Who will want to buy gift cards for your clients?

Gift cards are easy for a husband or partner to pick up without much thought. They’re also great additions to gift boxes for raffles and other packages that may not have a specific recipient. Think about these motives as you put a price on your gift cards and decide what they can be redeemed for.

Once you have a good idea about who will be buying (and receiving) the gift cards, don’t forget to market the gift cards accordingly. After all, reaching the husbands of your clients will likely require a different strategy than reaching philanthropists who are putting the gift cards in raffles.

Create Packages With Less Popular Treatments

Gift cards can be more than just a plastic rectangle with a dollar amount. Set up cards as “packages” for your clients to gift their loved ones.

What does that mean? Create cards that have a theme and include a few different treatments for recipients to receive over a period of time. When someone buys the card, they’re essentially buying those treatments.

Don’t include the best-selling spa treatments, though – your clients will already be more inclined to purchase these in addition to their gift card. Instead, use the packages to introduce lesser-known treatments to clients. They are more likely to try something new if they get it for free!

Planning Your Gift Card Sales Strategy

It’s not enough just to have gift cards out for sale. You need to make sure potential buyers see them, and that your advertising makes them feel good about giving the card to people in their lives.

Where Are You Selling Your Gift Cards?

Make it easy to buy gift cards from your spa. How exactly?

Two helpful tips include ensuring they’re visible throughout the store and adding an option for buying a gift card on your website.

Where Are You Advertising Your Gift Cards?

It’s not enough just to have your gift cards on display. People begin shopping for Christmas as early as Halloween – or earlier.

Help them check people off their list by telling them about opportunities to buy gift cards for the holiday season. Where? Everywhere!

Mention them in:

  • Newsletters
  • Social media platforms
  • Webinars
  • Company events
  • Advertisements
  • Website updates

Offer Specific Training to Your Staff

This is a team effort. Take out some time to train your staff on gift card packages, how to redeem gift cards, and the best times to offer these gift cards to clients.

The more questions your staff can answer on gift cards and gift card policies, the more likely customers will feel comfortable buying and giving gift cards to friends and family.

With proper planning, you will watch gift cards fly off the shelves – and see them return with a new client in no time.